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The Coal Authority is the public body that deals with legacies from past coal mining activities, to ensure public safety and safeguard the landscape too.

Incidents like sinkholes, subsidence and gas or water emissions from coal mines can, and do occur, and the Coal Authority ensures that the site is made safe as soon as possible.

The public can report a hazard to their 24-hour emergency phone line telephone number (01623 646333) which is known to emergency services and local authorities in coalfield areas.

Working with MRS Training & Rescue

We have been a partner of the Coal Authority for many years and our origins are firmly rooted in the UK mining industry. Established at the turn of the 20th century to respond to mining emergencies, we developed the specialist skills, experience, and knowledge to work in difficult and potentially dangerous environments.

Today, we continue to support the coal industry and we maintain operational readiness of our people and equipment. We operate the Coal Authority’s 24/7 emergency hazard line and respond and attend to incidents reported on their behalf. 

Our approach

On receiving a call about a potential hazard, we log the details and relay the information to the Coal Authority so they can establish it is a mining-related incident. Once confirmed, a mine hazard engineer visits the site. MRS Training & Rescue has three such engineers on duty (one each in England, Scotland and Wales), 365 days of the year, to respond as required. All are qualified in the mine hazard engineers MR015 qualification.

To achieve this qualification, persons must be competent in dealing with incidents, ensuring the correct procedures are carried out, relevant people informed, and the area made safe. The training our teams undergo includes taking part in mock hazard response incidents.

When we respond to an incident, we visit the site and ensure it is made secure before any other contractors arrive (such as fencing contractors etc). On arriving at the site, we firstly check ground stability. We then monitor the gas readings at the hazard and photograph the area. We assess the risks, complete all the necessary paperwork and make the area safe. Keeping all stakeholders updated throughout.

We then provide a written report to the Coal Authority, showing before and after photographs, showing the area is now safe and secure – with all necessary signage etc.

Most of our sites have at least two qualified engineers so there is cover every day of the year.  

Coal Authority Customer Testimonial from MRS Training & Rescue on Vimeo.

Other support

The Coal Authority own all UK coal mines and it is their responsibility to keep them safe. We assist them with other work from time to time such as the closing of Eckington Colliery Drift mine in 2019. The mine had to be sealed to ensure it was not accessible to the public, and MRS were part of the team involved in closing and sealing the mine for the last time. You can read more about this here.

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Our Heritage

MRS Heritage

For over 120 years, MRS has provided its specialist skills, experience and knowledge to effect the rescue and escape of mine workers from underground. Read more about our historic heritage, and how it has impacted on our present and future, by clicking here

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