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MRS Training & Rescue are experts in confined spaces with over 120 years’ experience working in these hazardous environments. With extensive knowledge of current and compliant industry standards, MRS Training & Rescue provides high quality confined space training as well as bespoke programmes tailored to specific industries.

One such example of a bespoke programme is the Confined Space training designed specifically for Northumbrian Water.


Having provided specialist confined space emergency rescue support to the company since 2007, Northumbrian Water’s Health and Safety Team worked closely with MRS Training & Rescue to develop a range of relevant and practical courses for operational staff working in confined spaces, such as sewers, manholes and wet wells.

A series of meetings between stakeholders initially took place to enable MRS Training & Rescue to learn more about Northumbrian Water’s processes.

As a result of this collaboration, bespoke Low and Medium Risk confined space training courses have been specially developed and over 1,100 Northumbrian Water staff have been trained, with most of the delegates being trained in the network of tunnels at our training centre in Houghton-le-Spring, which provides realistic, authentic facilities for practical exercises.

Current training

Operational staff at Northumbrian Water attend either the Low Risk or Medium Risk Confined Space Entry Training enabling them to work safely in these spaces. Training and refresher courses take place every week and includes a classroom theory element. The training combines Northumbrian Water’s confined space entry classification procedure along with their company policies such as risk assessments, permits to work and other health and safety documentation. All modules contain practical activity and Northumbrian Water’s company standard equipment is used including their access equipment, company standard emergency escape set breathing apparatus, gas monitors and safety harnesses.

Decreasing the risk of accidents when working in confined spaces is a number one priority for Northumbrian Water. Staff training and using quality products are the best ways to cut the risk of accidents when working in confined spaces.

All Northumbrian Water’s employees that have undertaken training are now competent to work in either low or medium risk confined spaces, ensuring they can safely deliver the requirements of their job without placing themselves at undue risk.

Consultancy And Rescue Services

MRS Training & Rescue are proud to be considered as Northumbrian Water’s approved supplier for confined space training, consultancy and rescue services. MRS Training and Rescue provide a professional consultancy service in partnership with the Northumbrian Water SHEQ management team.  Offering consistent expertise, industry knowledge and guidance to provide report writing, confined space categorisation, and the development of health and safety documentation prior to any medium or high risk confined space entry. We are also responsible for the development and incorporation of the current company emergency arrangements and rescue plan(s). 

MRS Training & Rescue also provide professional rescue cover for the most hazardous confined space locations, supplying professionally trained personnel, adequate rescue equipment, and rescue vehicles that provide the confined space emergency arrangement requirement that keeps people safe.

MRS Training & Rescue have helped tailor our medium and low risk confined space training courses to include our own internal procedures and ways of dealing with confined spaces within the courses. They have been more than receptive to any changes in our procedures and competently delivered this with a very good understanding in each course.

When choosing MRS, we looked at other competitors in the area, but decided that MRS were the best fit for our needs due to their outstanding professionalism and venue which we use for our training. Their practical approach to the training means that less time is spent in the classroom and more time delivering practical training, which has received incredible feedback from our employees who attend the courses.

In addition to the training, MRS also provide rescue cover for our confined spaces. They present comprehensive risk assessments and method statements and control the working area, which enables our employees to carry out tasks in the safest possible environment. I have seen first-hand their professionalism while doing this with a clearly very competent and knowledgeable team helping us deliver our goals.

Practical help and advice have always been offered to us on subject matters such as confined spaces and working at height, with the team being more than happy to pick the phone up and have a conversation about any issues or challenges we may be facing as a business. For this we would fully recommend MRS as a training provider and service provider.
Dan Woodward and John Burluraux, Health & Environment Advisor and Technical Training Manager, Northumbrian Water
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