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Providing Emergency Rescue Support to TATA Steel

TATA Steel Trostre Works

Tata Steel’s Continuous Annealing Processing Line (CAPL) offers high-quality, homogeneous steel. The line has an annual capacity of 400k tonnes and incorporates an annealing furnace – allowing production of a wide variety of CAPL products. Precise temperature control within the furnace enables the fine-tuning of mechanical properties and ensures uniformity throughout the coil.

Initial Approach

Having worked with TATA Steel at their Port Talbot plant providing confined space rescue safety cover, we were approached by the team at the Trostre Works in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire. This was to provide safety provisions and possibly future confined space training for the employees to maintain their competencies. During the conversations that followed, the discussion moved to entries into the confined spaces, and in particular the furnace, which was due for inspection and repairs later that year.

What we did

We arranged to visit the site and inspected the furnace. A large internal structure consisting of ten storeys of scaffolding, we then put together a rescue plan in the event of an incident occurring whilst the team were working inside.

During the work taking place, we also delivered a mock rescue exercise to demonstrate how we would rescue a worker from the top of the scaffolding and ensure they were safely taken to ground level.

We then provided a three-person rescue team for 5 days whilst the works were carried out, controlling the confined space, the access and egress and ensuring the safety of all those inside.

MRS Rescue Team at TATA Steel

The future

The team at TATA Steel were very happy with the services provided and are hopefully looking to utilise our rescue services for future furnace inspections and training.

“The knowledge and learnings gained from this week, including the mock exercise, has set Trostre on a path to improvement that would be very difficult without your support and guidance. I have no doubt that the relationship between TATA and MRS will flourish and be beneficial to both for years to come.” Matthew Jenkins, Mechanical Manufacturing Support Engineer CAPL, TATA Steel.

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