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Confined Space Management System (SACCS)

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Confined Space Management System called SACCS (Safe Access and Control of Confined Spaces) - a computerised database management system which identifies, records and stores all information on confined spaces.

The SACCS system has been designed to provide a detailed audit of those spaces that could be a potential hazard to those entering. 

The system uses information collected by MRS Assessors using our “App” that has been developed for the purposes of assessing areas at a client’s site to determine their status (confined Space/Restricted access etc..) this assessment captures supporting evidence, comments, video footage and photographs to build a complete picture in “real time” as a record of the area being assessed.

The completed document produces a record per space of the area along with detailed information, manpower and equipment requirements that are needed to enter the area safely. A review date (based on risks identified) can then be set to re-evaluate that area should the process or activity change. Once the report is completed it is downloaded as a PDF file that cannot be changed by the operative of a complete “picture” of the area as was assessed on the day. These can be archived by the client for future reference to be reviewed by MRS as required, at a date set based on risk by the client as and when the process or activities change.

SACCS System Features

  • The system can distinguish between what is categorised as a confined space and what in essence would be deemed an enclosed/restricted space
  • Will use a red amber green (RAG) system to identify the Access Point & the Internal Space
  • Will rate the confined space as High, Medium or Low risk utilising the RAG system
  • Will upload photos and videos taken in real time
  • Will suggest minimum manpower requirements in terms of ‘Top Man’, Entrant and Rescue Personnel
  • Will identify minimum equipment requirements for the ‘Top Man’, Entrant and Rescue Personnel
  • Allows for comments and photos/videos to be made wherever required throughout the process
  • The user will provide a review date based on risk
  • On completion, a report of each confined space is generated as a pdf document


How is the information collected?

The collection of information is carried out by our assessor together with a member  of staff from site who can offer information of the process and area being audited, this process takes approximately 30-40 minutes depending on the complexity and information collected of the area being assessed.   

How much does this cost?

This will depend on the complexity and amount of areas being assessed. For a no obligation quotation please contact us

How will we view the report(s)?

Each space assessed will have its own individual report saved to PDF format that is viewable by most PC and tablet formats.

Are there any ongoing costs?   

There is a “dashboard” facility that can be purchased for access to the range of reports compiled, which could include multiple site database entries.

Any limiting factors?

The App is a new tool that has been specifically developed to record entries and capturing information and details never seen before in the industrial environment, further development of the App will be an ongoing process determined by feedback and use throughout businesses that identify specific needs of customers and changes in regulatory environment.       


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MRS online SACCS system for desktop and mobile

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