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Equipment Hire

There is a considerable amount of equipment on the market designed for the numerous hazards connected with confined space situations. It is therefore easy to order and be supplied with the wrong equipment, or equipment not suitable for a particular problem.

MRS Training & Rescue exhaustively tests equipment for their own Training Centres and before use by their own Entry and Rescue Teams. Only after such tests will MRS Training & Rescue supply this equipment through the online equipment catalogue.

Where standard equipment cannot be used or is unsuitable for the task, specialised equipment can be designed that will be suitable for the purpose.

Contact your nearest centre for more information about hiring equipment, or complete the enquiry form on the right.

Equipment Hire Catalogue

Browse our list of equipment available for hire below:

Bolero FRS Rescue Harness

Two point fall arrest harness, with 3 bar slide and rectangular link chest connection. Adjustable length leg loops and shoulder straps with a roller buckle to ensure the straps are positioned correctly. Includes an overhead rescue attachment and fitted with a Nyplax waistcoat. The chest strap on this harness is a full chest strap going all the way around the chest to provide an exceptionally secure configuration which increases the distribution of load when using the front "D" ring.

£: One Day Hire: £20 | Additional Days Hire: £7 | Purchase: On application
Cen-Paq Rescue BA

The Scott Cen-Paq is an open circuit, self-contained, compressed air breathing apparatus. It consists of a Hi-Vis jacket based carrying system and pneumatic system, containing a cylinder connector, reducer, pressure gauge, whistles and demand valve.

The Cen-Paq is a single cylinder set with a duration of 15, 20 or 30 minutes. The Cen-Paq can also be configured with an anti-static jacket and an airline attachment.

The Cen-Paq is used in conjunction with a range of composite or steel cylinders and the choice of Vision 3, Panaseal, Panavisor or Promask PP facemask.

£: One Day Hire: £90 - £110 | Additional Days Hire: £22 - £35 | Purchase: On application
Deco 2000 Higher rated

The Didsbury Deco 2000 compacted hoist is a lightweight lifting system for man-riding and precision handling operations. Available with two choices of cable lengths 19m or 37m incorporating a controlled multi-layering drum action. It is exceptionally versatile, easily portable and designed for use with the Didsbury Tripod, Davit systems or for suspension from any suitable overhead fixture. Built to Didsbury’s quality standards, the hoist meets the highest safety requirements.

£: One Day Hire: £55 | Additional Days Hire: £17 | Purchase: On application
Deco 2000 Mini Lift

Didsbury Mini-Lift wire rope hoists are designed for safe goods handling and man-riding operations. Enclosed and open drum models are available to accommodate various heights of lift.

The enclosed drum hoist is supplied with an extension tube and top sheath for overhead eye bolt mountings on tripods and davits or with spigot mounting where headroom is restricted. The open drum model is supplied with frame mounting for normal tripod use.

Manually operated in standard form Mini-Lift hoists can also be converted to air power drive by a Snap-On attachment.

This model is also available with a shortened boom for working in enclosed spaces with restricted access and space.

£: One Day Hire: £55 | Additional Days Hire: £17 | Purchase: On application
Didsbury Lightweight Tripod

The Didsbury lightweight tripod provides an easy to handle hoist mounting for vertical lifts in restricted access situations.

Easy to erect and adjustable for height and level, it can be deployed quickly for man-riding, general lifting and rescue operations. When not in use the tripod packs away neatly in its own compact carrying bag.

£: One Day Hire: £55 | Additional Days Hire: £17 | Purchase: On application
Dräger PA94 SCBA

The Dräger PA94 Self Contained Breathing Apparatus is a high-performance breathing apparatus for the professional responder. Combining advanced ergonomics with a wide range of configurable options, the Dräger PA94 provides the user with the comfort and versatility to meet the demands of first responders whenever breathing protection is required.

£: One Day Hire: £90- £110 | Additional Days Hire: £22 - £35 | Purchase: On Application
Escape BA Elsa Dash J

Renowned as the world’s leading constant flow escape set (also known as EEBD) the Elsa (Emergency Life Support Apparatus) is designed for rapid escape from hazardous environments, the jacket style allows the wearer to have both hands free whilst working and reduces the risk of snags associated with other carry bag style escape sets, especially functional whilst working in enclosed spaces and traveling through lightning holes and internal structures.

£: One Day Hire: £50 | Additional Days Hire: £17 | Purchase: On application
KS7700 Portable Helmet Light

High-Power CREE LED cap lamp with two step illumination, M1 ATEX permission, lithium battery and cordless M-Charging-System. Up to 3,500 Lux, 120 Lumen, 145 g, IP67.

  • LED Helmlampe KS-7700-MC links
  • mpe KS-7700-MC, Helm
  • Two step illumination: emergency light or main light
  • Protection against overload, deep discharge, wrong polarity & short circuit
  • Impact resistant housing made of ABS / PC alloy
  • 2 year factory warranty against material defect or malfunction
  • With ATEX permission Ex I M1 Ex ia I

Special approval for use in areas with methane, with cordless M-Charging-System

£: One Day Hire: £20 | Additional Days Hire: £7 | Purchase: On application
Saver PP Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus

We offer two options:

  • The Saver PP Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus allows safe, effective and uncomplicated escape from hazardous environments, even if H2S is present. Simple to put on and featuring automatic operation, this positive-pressure breathing device features an integrated full-face mask and can be used in conjunction with other safety equipment such as ear protectors or helmets.
  • The Dräger Saver Constant Flow Emergency Escape Breathing Apparatus allows safe, effective and uncomplicated escape from hazardous environments. Simple to put on and featuring practically automatic operation, this hood-based, positive-pressure breathing device can be used with minimal training.
£: One Day Hire: £50 | Additional Days Hire: £17 | Purchase: On Application
Paraguard Rescue Stretcher

Designed for a variety of rescues, the Paraguard Excel is a compact and versatile rescue stretcher. It is ideal for search and rescue operations and can be used to rescue casualties quickly and safely from enclosed spaces.

Constructed from quality, synthetic materials, stainless steel and aluminium, the Paraguard Excel is impervious to oil, water, grease and other petroleum products and is resistant to rot and corrosion.

The Paraguard Excel is quick and simple to use with various straps to secure the chest, arms, thighs and lower legs. The head is held in place by a 3 point, non-slip forehead strap. A figure of eight strap supports the feet.

Standard features include:

  • Particularly useful for vertical and enclosed space rescues.
  • Approved for use by many authorities including NATO 6530-99-446-9403.


£: One Day Hire: £30 | Additional Days Hire: £12 | Purchase: On application
PD705 Digital Radio

The PD705 is a mid-sized very robust waterproof digital radio that will give many years of reliable use. As it is digital, it will also offer several features not available with analogue – superior background noise reduction, ability to hold 2 separate conversations on the same radio frequency, enhanced voice privacy, no noisy weak signals when making voice calls.

£: One Day Hire: £75 | Additional Days Hire: £22 | Purchase: On Application
Petzl Vertex Best Helmet

The Vertex Best helmet sets the standard in head protection for working at height and rescue. The adjustable head band ensure a secure fit, whilst the strong chin strap limits the risk of losing the helmet during a fall. The solid shell reduces ventilation but does meet the requirements of EN397 and EN50365 for electrical insulation and molten metal splash. This helmet is a compromise between the sport and industrial standards. It meets the sport standard requirements for chin strap strength and the industrial requirements for protection against falling objects. 

£: One Day Hire: N/A | Additional Days Hire: N/A | Purchase: On Application
PS200 Gas Monitor

The PS200 is our most cost-effective confined space monitor which can be configured to detect a combination of Methane, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulphide, as well as other flammable gases.

If the PS200 is ordered with the internal pump, the instrument can switch between pumped and diffusion operation. Pre-entry checking can be carried out with the internal sampling pump, and diffusion operation ensuring maximum battery life in confined spaces.

A robust and accurate portable gas detector, the Personal Surveyor (PS200 Series) provides protection in confined space applications with audible and visual alarms in the event of exposure to flammable or toxic gases.

Additional optional accessories include a 5-way charger and coloured rubber boots for multi-site or multi-application working.

£: One Day Hire: £60 | Additional Days Hire: £17 | Purchase: On Application
RIGGA Inertial Reel Fall Arrester

Inertial reel type fall arrester in a durable cast alloy housing with galvanised steel wire cable and built in recovery mechanism which can be engaged for rescue or to lift or lower a casualty and is operated by winding the handle.

£: One Day Hire: On Application | Additional Days Hire: On Application | Purchase: On Application
Sabre MARS Manual and Automatic Resuscitation System

Sabre MARS is the result of extensive research and development; the culmination of Sabre’s 20 years’ experience in the manufacture of resuscitators.

All models are designed to meet BS6850:1987 for ventilator resuscitators. Whilst there are many versions of the Sabre MARS, they are all based on the same design philosophy enabling the carer to concentrate on looking after the patient, not on operating the equipment.

With Sabre MARS the operator does not have to make judgements on the lung capacity of the patient to select a tidal volume; only the basic size or type of patient being cared for. Once this simple operation has been made the MARS will control both tidal volume and pulse frequency within the parameters laid down in the British Standards.

Even if the wrong setting is selected there is no risk of over inflating the patient’s lungs. The MARS always ‘fails safe’ and will vent excess gas whilst giving the operator an audible warning that the equipment is not being used correctly.

The performance specifications shown are common to all MARS units but it must be emphasised that MARS is available as a range of products designed to meet various operational requirements. The purpose of the downloadable brochure is to indicate the options available.

£: One Day Hire: £65 | Additional Days Hire: £22 | Purchase: On application

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