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Workplace Fatalities in Great Britain 2020/21

Every year the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) releases Great Britain workplace fatalities figures. As leaders in the health and safety sector, we know how important these figures are to a wide variety of industries and wanted to highlight the key numbers. The statistics highlighted below are based on provisional annual data for the period of April 2020 to March 2021 and provides early insight into workplace deaths – and how they occur. A full report of work-related ill health and injuries is also released by the HSE every year and is due in December 2021.

142 Workers Killed


Leading cause was falls from height

Other causes of fatal accidents:


Struck by a moving vehicle


Struck by a moving object


Trapped by something collapsing / overturning


Contact with moving machinery


Most deaths occurred in the Construction industry

Deaths in other industry sectors

Agriculture, forestry & fishing 34
Manufacturing 20
Wholesale, retail, motor repair, accomodation & food 14
Admin & support services 11
Transport & storage 10
Waste 3

The South West had the highest number of fatal injuries in any region


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