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Enclosed Space Management System

Person with white gloves opening a metal marine hatch  The atmosphere in holds, bilges, bulkheads, cofferdams and other enclosed spaces of ships presents potentially deadly risks. It is a sad truth that proportionally more seafarers die in accidents in enclosed spaces than in any other accidents at sea. A lack of awareness, training and rescue drills can mean that safe ways of working in enclosed spaces are all too often ignored or poorly implemented. With this in mind, Videotel and Mines Rescue Marine have designed the unique Enclosed Space Management (ESM) System to help effectively assess, audit and manage the safety of enclosed spaces on board ship.

It is a 'living' system allowing for updating as required by authorised personnel. All crew members are encouraged to participate by adding comments and augmenting the space record with experiential data. The system also allows for the inclusion of photographs and other images (e.g. vessel plans, scanned drawings etc.) of particular problem areas. This ensures that knowledge is retained and the risk of safety being affected by crew changes is lowered, as the information gathered is stored and hosted, and can be edited and enhanced as required. The system itself is also updated at regular intervals to reflect changes in laws and regulations.

Regulations Addressed

  • (IMO) adopted Resolution A.1050(27), Section 3
  • SOLAS Enclosed Space Recommendations

What the System does

The ESM System is currently the only computer-based system available that enables vessels and installations to comply with the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) adopted Resolution A.1050(27) "Revised Recommendations for Entering Enclosed Spaces Aboard Ships", Section 3 – Safety Management for Entry into Enclosed Spaces, as well as the latest SOLAS recommendations for enclosed spaces. It provides a simple audit process for all enclosed spaces and an easy to read traffic light warning procedure to accompany your risk assessment and permit documentation without interfering with existing company documentation and SMS. It also allows for specific problem areas to be identified and for steps to be taken to reduce hazards and mitigate risk.

The ESM System also enables transmission of all enclosed space evaluation and information to be accessed by the operating office ashore (where internet or email connectivity is present) and to be transmitted to any person who may be involved in enclosed space work, (i.e. contracted company or surveyor).

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Who is the System for?

  • Crew working in enclosed spaces
  • Officers in charge of Crew working in enclosed spaces
  • Contractors, surveyors and port state inspectors
  • Office staff

The ESM System Provides:

  • The ability to compile a library of all enclosed spaces on-board
  • The means to assess and audit spaces with a methodology for so doing
  • Forms with which to conduct audits
  • A log of all audit information in a system database
  • The categorisation of each space and its entry points as an easy-to-read traffic light system
  • The organisation of existing supporting documentation e.g. risk assessments and permits to work
  • The ability to build knowledge on spaces e.g. site photographs and scanned drawings
  • The feeding back of collated information over the web for greater knowledge sharing
  • Printed reports on each space that can be sent to third parties and contractors e.g. ahead of planned visits

Image of enclosed space management system displayed on computer screens

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