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The Biz Hour Podcast - Confined Space Training

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Back in August this year; Billy Gundry, Operations Manager at the MRS Training & Rescue’s Knottingley Station, spoke on The Biz Hour podcast. Steve Twynham, presenter of the radio station, asked many intriguing questions about confined space training during the previous interview

MRS Training & Rescue’s Operations Manager Billy Gundry has been back on the air – speaking to Steve Twynham on his podcast, The Biz Hour. Billy was speaking to Steve about our brand new confined space management app, SACCS. Listen to Billy on the Biz Hour Podcast -> Confined Spaces ‘the secret killer’ and an app to save lives.

The SACCS app is a confined space management system, designed to save lives. SACCS is a digital database which identifies, manages, records and stores information on confined spaces. An MRS Assessor will spend 30 – 40 minutes identifying confined spaces during an assessment and then will enter all the information into the SACCS system. Once entered, the app creates a document and a record per space identified. This record details all the information required for someone to work within a space – including the manpower, training, equipment and precautions which need to be completed before entering a space.

All reports and records created by the SACCS system can be viewed as a PDF via a mobile device or computer. 

Billy on the Podcast

Billy’s second appearance on The Biz Hour podcast begins with the topic of emergency planning. Steve and Billy discuss the legal obligations surrounding confined spaces and the requirements to identify spaces which could be hazardous. They also discuss the legal requirements regarding the suitable and efficient emergency planning in place, prior to any entry.  

Many companies still rely on the emergency services and calling 999 – instead of having adequate emergency planning in place. This is where MRS Training and Rescue can provide the cover required – Billy discusses the following points with Steve to explain more...

Steve: Is it a legal obligation for companies to have this emergency planning in place?

Billy: “It is a legal obligation, under the confined space regulations. But also, the health and safety at work act says that you’ve got to have a safe access and egress into a place of work. The confined space regulations just move it on that bit further.”

Steve: Does it have to be a complicated plan?

Billy: “No, absolutely not. The plan will all depend on who’s going in, where the entry points are, and what the hazards and risks are that are associated with the confined space.”

Over the years, it has become apparent that the more complicated plans mean that there are more risks and hazards identified, which results in controls being put in place. The problem with this is that the lower risk type environments seem to have minimal emergency planning in place. This is possibly because organisations think that there’s not as many dangers associated, but this continuously proves to not be the case.

Confined Space Management System (SACCS)

MRS Training & Rescue have recently launched (September 2017), an App for companies to use.

During the interview, Billy went on to speak a little about the new App;

“The system uses information collected by MRS Assessors when conducting a detailed audit of those spaces that could be a potential hazard to those entering. Not only does the app identify the spaces, it categorizes them as well - into what we classify as low, medium or high risk. This is used on a red, amber, green scale; from this we can identify the minimum requirements needed to enter the confined space to complete a particular type of job & what equipment the employee would need; in order to ensure the entry and work completed is as safe as possible.”

The App allows companies to share images and videos of the ‘confined space’ – we are then able to let them know if it is in fact a confined space or not. The App puts customer’s minds’ at ease. Read more about the Confined Space Management System App here. (SACCS)

MRS Training & Rescue provides training, high risk confined space rescue and equipment. Companies who are undertaking work in ‘short entries’ i.e. working in an environment for a short period of time, have the option to hire equipment as appose to buying it – this could prove to be more beneficial for customers based upon their requirements.

There are seven training rooms available at MRS Training & Rescue Knottingley, catering for confined space & first-aid training. External companies are able to visit the Knottingley training centre for team or individual training days.

If you think you have a confined space in your business but need help identifying it, call the team at Knottingley on 01977 676700. Alternatively, visit our contact us page for more options.

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