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17th June 2020
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We have remained open throughout the UK’s coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown measures, to be able to provide emergency rescue cover to the key industries which continued to work. Our specialist teams have been working hard and safely in difficult circumstances to ensure we met with government guidelines, as well as our clients’ requirements, to provide safety critical rescue services.

We have learned so much since lockdown came into effect at the end of March and are pleased to say we have had no cases of COVID-19 in our teams. As measures and guidelines continuously evolve, we have applied the lessons we have learnt into our business, courses – developing our response accordingly.

We are mindful that many of our customers will have concerns about how we are ensuring we keep everyone safe to prevent the spread of the virus on any sites we travel to and protect our teams and yours. To help, we have answered the questions we have received below.

As always, if you have any further queries we are here to help in whatever way we can, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.  

Is there anything you expect or require from us relating to COVID-19 before you will undertake rescue cover at our site?

We will carry out some additional checks with you before we deploy our rescue teams to a customer’s site. We do need to be sure that all the controls applied to Coronavirus Management at the respective site are satisfactory and we will ask for a copy of the policy and risk assessment. These controls must include social distancing measures, welfare provision for our rescue operatives, and any other relevant controls.

While your team is at our site we cannot provide a base for them, is that a problem?

Ideally it would be preferable if the base for the rescue team could be in a building on site, where minimum social distancing and hygiene procedures can be followed. However, if this is not practicable, we can use our rescue vehicle as a base and have strict procedures in place to ensure the safety of our teams (e.g. facemasks worn, windows opened, regular cleaning, etc.)

What assurances can you give that your teams will adhere to government guidelines whilst providing us with rescue cover?

We have developed a series of operational standards and procedures which all our teams follow relating to COVID-19. As well as regular cleaning of hands, PPE, equipment and vehicles, we can confirm:

  • Social distancing will be carried out wherever practicable
  • Disposable nitrile gloves will be worn at all times on site and supplemented by other hand protection where required by risk assessment
  • Routine cleaning of equipment on site following use or pre-use checks (e.g. communications, gas monitors, BA, etc)
  • Any used breathing apparatus, oxygen resuscitator, analgesic gas or other equipment potentially contaminated with moist droplets emitted from someone will be withdrawn by the individual wearer (where applicable), placed into its own bag and then placed into a disposable bag which will be tied off
  • People will remain at least 2 metres apart (where practicable)

Social Distancing during rescue cover work
Social Distancing during rescue cover work

How will you adhere to social distancing if there is an emergency rescue required?

Whilst we aim to follow social distancing, we accept it is not always possible. If we are unable to keep 2m apart we will ensure:

  • Respirators (minimum standard FFP2) and eye protection will be worn by our rescue teams unless they are already wearing an open or close circuit breathing apparatus
  • Face to face contact will be avoided where possible
  • Skin to skin contact will be avoided

Fully equipped emergency response teams
Covid-secure emergency rescue services

If we need emergency first aid, what additional precautions are your teams taking to ensure they minimise any coronavirus risk to themselves or the casualty?

Disposable coveralls or aprons will always be used by our teams when we are carrying out any first aid. These will be suitably disposed of on completion. The first aider will also carefully monitor their health for the next 14 days and react to any symptoms as appropriate.

What happens if someone needs resuscitating?

The most recent guidance from the Resus Council is that chest compressions for resuscitation are sufficient and there is no requirement for mouth to mouth. Our teams also carry an oxygen resuscitator which can be used to inflate the lungs and give oxygen if unconscious. We also have rescue technicians that are trained and competent to use bag valve masks (BVM) to avoid mouth to mouth resuscitation.  If mouth to mouth is required for any reason, a personal face shield will always be used.

Are you still offering 24/7 rescue cover despite hotels being closed?

Yes, although we are trying to plan things so that we can avoid hotel stays for our teams where possible. We are happy to discuss your specific requirements for rescue cover so just give us a call.

We have supported customers with safety critical rescue cover throughout the pandemic and are currently working at Pembroke Power Station to provide outage support as they ensure security of supply is maintained.

"MRS not only continue to adopt RWE’s many new processes and procedures in relation to COVID management, but also help us to continually improve our approach by regularly providing constructive feedback and improvement suggestions. The safety and health of everyone working at Pembroke Power Station is of upmost importance and MRS help us to maintain a safe working environment and ultimately contribute to our target of Mission Zero.”  Ross Mcnally, Lead Planning Engineer, RWE Generation UK.

As well as emergency rescue cover, we are now also providing COVID-19 safe training courses. To learn more about the safety and social distancing measures we have applied to our training please read the FAQs below:

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