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Dinas welcomes BBC Wales TV

A TV crew are filming the inside of MRS Training and Rescue in South Wales
BBC Wales visited MRS Training and Rescue to create a program about the history of mining in Wales

On Tuesday this week, our training centre at Dinas in South Wales was visited by BBC Wales to do some filming for an hour long program revolving around mining in Wales which is to be aired on January 11th. The program is going to focus on the history of mining/rescue and disasters within Wales.

Mr Roy Hammer who was an ex full time brigadesman from 1960 to 1984 was being interviewed along with Gerwyn James, team leader at Dinas.

The training centre was opened in 1912 by King George and Queen Mary. The team there had a job to respond to emergencies in the coal mining industry in the early part of the 20th century, and one of the very first instances the mines rescue workers had to attend was the explosion at Senghenydd which killed 439 miners.

Today, whilst we still provide rescue cover for mines, we have branched out from underground mining into providing a comprehensive range of health and safety training, with particular expertise in confined space training.

Dinas has a network of underground tunnels which originally were used to train mine workers in rescue scenarios – today these same tunnels are used to provide health and safety training in confined spaces and our experts can impart real life scenarios to make the theory come alive.



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