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How to Erect a Lifting Tripod

9th June 2021
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In this guide we provide advice on how to safely erect tripods which are used as anchor points for lifting devices needed to enable access and egress. Tripods are portable anchor systems which are usually used with some form of winch and safety harness.

How to Inspect a Lifting Tripod

  • Check information on the labels to confirm a safe working load and a valid test date.

The pre-inspection of a tripod

  • Carry out a visual inspection, checking that there are no signs of damaged or worn parts.

A person carrying out a visual inspection of the tripod

  • Ensure all the parts are present and secure, such as nuts, bolts and locking pins.
  • Check that the legs are straight and free from cracks, dents or any other damage.
  • Verify that the tripod is free from corrosion and, if the tripod you are using has safety chains pulleys fitted, ensure they are intact.
  • Ensure the mounting bracket is in good condition.

How to Erect a Lifting Tripod

  • Pull each leg outwards by hand until it reaches full spread; at this point, the spring pulls the leg home into the engagement position.

A person setting up a Lifting tripod

  • Set up the tripod at the required height and level.
  • Position the tripod over the access hole to provide a vertical lift and ensure that the feet are clear of the hole and firmly located.


How to position a tripod over an access hole

  • Secure the feet, if necessary, with ground pegs through the holes provided, or use a link chain around all three feet if there is any doubt whatsoever about the surface on which the feet rest.
  • Attach any ancillary equipment such as a hoist or fall arrest systems.

Attaching a fall arrest to the tripod

  • Finally, check level, security and position; the feet must be stable with no risk of movement due to grit, oil or any uneven surface. If, in spite of all due care being taken, movement does occur, remove the load and re-set the tripod.mrsl

Lifting tripod in use

Immediately after using the tripod:

  • Clean, if necessary, and remove any ancillary equipment.
  • Pull each leg in turn to disengage it from the lock position and move it to the central parking position.
  • Carefully lay the tripod down horizontally and remove the leg pins to allow each leg to be set at minimum length.
  • You should also put the tripod in its carrying bag; this not only makes it easier to carry, but also gives some protection during transit.

Training on the use of Lifting Tripods

We teach delegates how to inspect and erect lifting tripods on our confined space courses, and on our medium and high risk courses, delegates are also assessed via a practical assesment. 

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