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Mast & Tower Training (MATS) now available

Rooftop Access Training

From 1st January 2020 a new training standard will be launched across the UK that has been designed for individuals engaged in working at height activities on mast and towers.

This new training standard is approved by Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR) and will replace the present Arqiva standard.

The new EUSR standard recognises the skills and knowledge needed to safely and competently undertake work and rescues from towers and masts.

The standard covers climbing masts and towers and how to use PPE and safety equipment which is standard issue in the telecoms and broadcast industry.

Following an extensive audit process by EUSR to assess the excellent theatrical and practical training facilities at our sites, MRS Training & Rescue are delighted to announce that we are one of the first training providers within the UK to have achieved training provider approval for this new MATS standard.

MATS Basic Tower Climbing & Rescue Scheme

Scheme Details

EUSR Basic Tower Climbing & Rescue Scheme

The EUSR Basic Tower Climbing & Rescue scheme comprises an initial 3 day training course which has been designed for those who work in the telecommunications and broadcast industry. It’s a highly practical course and includes safe ascending, descending and rescue techniques.

Individuals that hold current and valid Arqiva certifications will be required to attend a 1 Day MATS Renewal course when their existing Arqiva certificate is due to expire.

All our training centres offer work at height training facilities that are suitable for delivering the MATS basic tower climbing and rescue scheme.

Please contact your nearest centre for more details.


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