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MRS Training & Rescue Fife Team Featured in BBC Scotland Reports

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MRS Training & Rescue’s Fife team were recently featured on BBC Scotland’s TV news programme and radio ‘Good Morning’ show. Dale McQueen, Ross Graham and Errol Parrish spoke to reporters about the rescue and training services provided by the station and how, as a company, we have diversified from specialists in mining – to provide services for nearly all industries and rescue situations.

From Mining to Renewable Energy

The majority of mines in Scotland and the UK have closed. This means the training and rescue cover we offer has diversified. We now work with other industries who require our services - like oil, gas and renewable energy companies.

Many of the MRS Training & Rescue Fife team are former miners, many of whom use skills from their mining days in their rescue cover. They use stories of real situations to train others.

From Emergency Services to Rescue Cover

Ross Graham, a former police officer, spoke to reporters about joining MRS Training & Rescue. When local mines were open, the majority of our teams came from this background – but as times have changed, so have our teams.

Now, our teams across the UK are also made up of those who previously worked in the armed forces or emergency services. People with these backgrounds are likely to have been in situations which we commonly face. They also have experiences which are useful and valuable to those attending our rescue training courses.

Stockline Plastics Factory Explosion

During the report, MRS Training & Rescue’s involvement in the aftermath of the 2004 Stockline Factory explosion in Glasgow is mentioned. Up to 300 firefighters and paramedics were involved in the rescue operations, but before they could enter – the Fife MRS Rescue & Training team were on scene to make it as safe as possible before emergency services entered.

Errol Parrish talks to reporters, in both the radio and TV feature below, about the operation – and the services provided.

BBC Scotland MRS Training & Rescue Report – 27th August 2018

BBC Radio Scotland Good Morning Report – 25th August 2018

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