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New Mansfield Training Facility for Shot Firing

Malcolm Ingry – manager of the MRS Training & Rescue shot firing courses

We are pleased to announce the launch of a Level 3 Diploma in shot firing for Mining Operations at our MRS Training and Rescue centre at Mansfield – the only course available in the UK and Northern Ireland for anyone needing to become qualified in shot firing. Our mining qualifications on offer meet British Standard requirements and are approved by the Mineral Products Qualification Council Centre (MPQC), and this includes our shot firing course.

To bring our shot firing training to life, we’re excited to announce that our new Mansfield training rig caters for people taking part in shot firing courses. It’s important to note that even if you’re qualified in shot firing; if you haven’t shot fired in three years, you’ll need to re-qualify.

Shot Firing

The image of the above wall started off as the old weights area of the gallery at Mansfield and has been transformed from what was becoming an obsolete area to what is hoped to be a professional shot firing simulator - to run pre-set shot firing courses for miscellaneous mines.

We now have what now looks to be an extremely good mimic of a rock face, drilled ready to test and fire, and hope that this unique setting will lead to future interest by the mining community up and down the country.

This newly introduced wall enables trainees to set explosives into the holes within the rockface. The HSE/HMI inspectors were impressed during their visit on the 28th August 2018 and were very positive in their feedback to Malcolm Ingry (FIExpE) who runs our Mansfield shot firing courses. Malcolm is a veteran of the mining and tunnelling Industry in the UK and Overseas and a Fellow of the Institute Of Explosives Engineers. 

What does the shot firing course entail?  

The shot firing training we provide at our Mansfield training centre is designed for course partakers to demonstrate competence to organise and oversee all work concerning the use of explosives.

Candidates can expect to learn about the day-to-day use of explosives, and the happenings of workers involved in shot firing, explosives storage, transportation and blast design. As Safety and security are paramount to these operations, we regularly reiterate that procedures need to be followed consistently to make sure maximum safety for all within the quarry, and in areas surrounding the quarry, is top priority – this includes taking into consideration potentially changing situations.

Malcolm Ingry – manager of the MRS Training & Rescue shot firing courses

Image: Malcolm Ingry – manager of the MRS Training & Rescue shot firing courses.

Shot firing trainees will acquire knowledge from a range of specialisms, including;

  • Blast calculation and design
  • Ground vibration and air blast overpressure; shot firing.

To successfully complete the specialised training course, applicants must demonstrate that they know how to recognise and carry out the following;

  • Recognition of misfires
  • Reasons for post blast slippage of ground and its effects
  • Hazards associated with misfires and unexploded charges
  • Dangerous effects of fumes created by blasting
  • Recognition of natural joints, cavities and other geological features
  • Site examination after firing

Shot firing assessments – here’s what you need to know

Candidates taking the Level 3 Diploma in shot firing will need to demonstrate the skills, knowledge and understanding to capably perform shot firing operations in a mine. In order to achieve the full Shot firing qualification, participants must attain all seven of the mandatory units, these include;

  • Operate safely in a mine – approx. 46 hours guided learning
  • Comply with efficient work practices – approx. 6 hours guided learning
  • Handle explosive materials – approx. 12 hours guided learning
  • Charge blast holes & blast to specification – approx. 83 hours guided learning
  • Deal with misfires – approx. 20 hours guided learning
  • Handling and storing workplace resources – approx. 17 hours guided learning

All participants of will be assessed in accordance with the Proskills SSC Assessment Strategy and MPQC evidence requirements. Evaluators are encouraged to implement a holistic approach, but it is essential that evidence for the assessment criteria in each unit is also acknowledged individually. Assessors will mainly take into consideration observation in the workplace and examining products of work and questioning/discussions, when collating performance proof. 

In addition to the above, shot firing competence must be demonstrated in the workplace over a minimum period of 13 weeks, for successful qualification completion.

Take a look at our Shot firing qualification datasheet for more in-depth information.

Contact us

Get in contact with our Mansfield branch to book your shot firing training and / or assessment on 01623 623263. Alternatively, you can reach a member of the Mansfield team at eastmids@mrsl.co.uk. Take a look at our MRS Training and Rescue mining qualifications page for more information on shot firing courses, including other areas of training.




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