New Suite of City & Guilds Confined Space Qualifications

24th March 2021
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Last year, changes were made to the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for confined spaces, developed in conjunction with EU Skills.

These changes led to a review by City & Guilds of their confined space qualifications, and this week the awarding body have announced a new suite of confined space qualifications, that reflect the changes to those NOS.

These qualifications will come into effect imminently, with the existing qualifications remaining until 31 December 2021 to allow for a period of transition.

Now the previous qualifications for those working in the water industry have been amalgamated with other industry sectors, to create a common set of qualifications. The number of qualifications available has been extended to cover the job roles identified within the NOS.

At MRS Training & Rescue, we have been keeping abreast of all these changes and are prepared and ready to deliver these new qualifications in line with customer and transitional requirements.

Current courses offered by MRS Training & Rescue

Below is a summary of the City and Guilds confined space courses we offer, detailing the new qualification number and award title:

Existing Course Number

New Course Number

New Course Title



  • L2 Award in Low Risk Confined Space
  • Guide Learning Hours – 8 (1 day)



  • L2 Award in Medium Risk Confined Space course
  • Guided Learning Hours 16 (2 day)
  • Certifies entrant only



  • L2 Award in High Risk Confined Space Course
  • Guided Learning Hours 24 (3 Day)



  • L3 Award in Working as a Member of a Rescue and Recovery Team in Confined Spaces
  • Guided Learning Hours 24 (3 Day)
  • Must also have completed the (03) course



  • L4 Award in Planning, Managing and Reviewing the Legislative and Safety Compliance for Working in Confined Spaces
  • (guided Learning 47 hours) (5 days)
  • total learning hours 75hours
  • Candidates must complete a portfolio of evidence.
  • The candidate must have a NEBOSH or other L5/L6 safety award as a prequalification


If you are attending the 6160-02 course before 1 January 2022 and require Top Person certification as well, please advise us before attending to enable us to facilitate this. From 1 January onwards, the Top Person certification is no longer available. Instead a new 3 day 6160-04 City and Guilds Control Entry and Arrangements for Confined Space course will be available. For more details click here.

There are no requalification awards as part of the standards, but in addition to the City & Guilds, we will continue to offer MRS Training & Rescue qualifications for all confined space courses including the requalifications.  

New Courses

As part of reviewing the suite of confined space courses, City and Guilds have added three additional courses to those that are available.

We will also be able to offer these courses to any organisation that requires such training.

New Course Number

Course Title

Detail/ Implications


L3 Award in Control Entry and Arrangements for Confined Spaces

  • The top person award now carries a higher qualification than the medium and high-risk qualification.
  • Guided learning hours 24 (3 days)


L3 Award in Supervising Teams that are Undertaking Work in Confined Spaces

  • Sits between the doing (low/ medium and high) and managing course.
  • Must also have the qualification for medium (02) or high risk (03)
  • Guided Learning Hours 14 (2 days)


L3 Award in Direct Rescue and Recovery in Confined Spaces

  • Aimed at those supervising rescue and recovery teams.
  • Must also have the (08) working as a member of a rescue team qualification.
  • Guided learning hours 8 (1 day)


More information on these new qualifications can be found at the City & Guilds website.

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