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Pre-Christmas Shut Down Safety Checklist

Have a safe christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and your workplace is likely festooned with trees, lights and decorations (all of which were put up using working at height practices, with electrical equipment PAT tested and wires safe and not causing any trip hazards.)

As you prepare to shut down your site for the holidays, here’s a quick ‘elf and safety’ checklist we recommend you follow before heading home.

1. Switch off electrics

Turn off all electrical equipment and lights. Not only will this save energy costs but will also help to reduce the potential fire risk too.

2. Secure sites

Shutting down for a few days can attract unwelcome attention from criminals. To prevent this, close and lock all windows and doors, remove valuables, lock up tools and make sure your alarm and security systems are working correctly.

3. Stay focused

With Christmas parties, shopping lists and festivities in full swing it can be easy to lose health and safety focus – which can lead to accidents. To make sure you stay safe in the run-up to the holidays, focus on continuing safety briefings, toolbox talks and inspections of equipment.

4. Prepare sites

Winter in the UK means bad weather. Strong winds can wreak havoc on scaffolding and fencing, so try to make sure everything at your site is secure whilst you’re away. It’s also important you put emergency contacts in place – should anything happen during the Christmas break.

5. Winter driving

Bad weather doesn’t just cause problems on-site – it can also affect teams trying to complete journeys on the roads. Snow, ice, fog and heavy rain can lead to accidents – so check all vehicles are ready for winter. Make sure they have emergency kits and that all drivers stay alert whilst driving as road conditions can change very quickly.

Remember not to drink and drive -  in 2017 16% of all deaths on UK roads were caused by a driver being over the limit. So make sure everyone in your team can get home safely from Christmas parties or celebrations this year.

And most of all, have a safe and happy Christmas.

Don't drink and drive



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