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For over 120 years, MRS Training & Rescue has developed its specialist skills, experience and knowledge gained from working in difficult and potentially dangerous environments to affect the rescue and escape of mineworkers from underground. This has ensured we are the foremost company in the world for dealing with enclosed space problems and rescue in tunnels.

When providing a rescue team for working in tunnels we can provide:

  1. A presence on site whilst tunnelling operations are taking place 
  2. We train the tunnelling team to conduct initial emergency response, with equipment on site to facilitate a rescue 
  3. Train the Tunnelling Team in emergency response techniques with back up from MRS specialist teams - This option provides the need for a rapid response whist providing a backup response to support your own people. 

As a business we have over sixty people that are trained to use long duration breathing apparatus and are deemed competent to operate in an underground environment. 

Other added value services that can be provided as part of onsite presence might include: 

  • Running training sessions 
  • Conducting examinations of safety critical equipment 
  • Assisting with the development of risk assessments and method statements 
  • Auditing for compliance 

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MRS Heritage

For over 120 years, MRS has provided its specialist skills, experience and knowledge to effect the rescue and escape of mine workers from underground. Read more about our historic heritage, and how it has impacted on our present and future, by clicking here

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