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Safe Systems of Work

Tick BoxesSafe Systems of Work are very important when it comes to Health and Safety. They are an important part of Risk Assessments, and help to achieve a controlled completion of work with minimum risk. 

A Safe System of Work is a formal procedure which results from systematic examination of a task in order to identify all the hazards.It defines safe methods to ensure all hazards are eliminated or risks minimised.

There are five key steps to designing a safe system of work:

  • assess the task
  • identify the hazards
  • define safe methods
  • implement the system
  • monitor the system

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 place an obligation on an employer to ensure that the system should be designed and operated to be as far as is reasonably practicable be free from risk to health and safety. It further places an obligation on the employer to ensure that the employee is provided with all necessary information to control the identified risk.

The nature/ type of detail of the assessment that is required is dependent on the complexity and size of the task.

MRS Training and Rescue are happy to undertake the development of the safe systems of work for your business and operators. These will be periodically reviewed to manage change.

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