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Solent Marine Safety Academy

Purpose built enclosed space and maritime training facility

Solent Marine Safety Academy

The new Solent Marine Safety Academy combines the expertise of MRS Training and Rescue, Mines Rescue Marine and Fire Aid, in providing a comprehensive range of confined and enclosed space and maritime training.

Our purpose built facility has been set up to be as real to life on ship as possible, giving students a sense of what life will be like at sea. Set at the end of a pier on a large football pitch sized pontoon within the Solent, you couldn’t get a more appropriate setting.







Address: Hythe Marine Park, Shore Road, Hythe, Southampton, Hampshire, S045 6HE

Contact: 023 8001 1238

Email: info@solentacademy.co.uk


A man is being lowered into a confined space, whilst another man is helping to safely lower him. A group of people are wearing life jackets during a demonstration at Solent Marine Safety Academy.A man is instructing another at the Solent Marine Safety Academy
A close up image of two members of the Solent Marine Safety Academy in their high visibility equipmentPeople in metallic outfits are attempting to enter an area to distinguish a fireMen are looking at the different types of marine safety equipment

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