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MRS Training & Rescue Teams Together Again

The COVID-19 pandemic has made the last 18 months challenging for everyone. Although MRS Training & Rescue were able to continue to operate throughout the pandemic, our training centre managers were unable to meet in person due to lockdown rules and restrictions.

But, after almost 2 years, we were able to invite all MRS Training & Rescue Operations Managers to our headquarters in Mansfield for a reunion.

We remain fully operational during lockdown to support you

Following the new nationwide lockdown that came into effect on 5 January, we wanted to reassure you that training and rescue operations across all our sites remain fully open to support industry in ‘keeping people safe.’ 

As a provider of essential industry training, all our training centres are continuing to operate and run face to face training as planned along with providing emergency rescue cover. 

Requalification Certificates & COVID-19

Many health and safety awarding bodies have extended their certification (tickets) renewal terms because of coronavirus (COVID-19). We list the renewal terms and dates by awarding body below:

City & Guilds - updated 7 July 2021

City & Guilds allow certificates that expired after the 1 March 2020 to continue to be valid until 31 July 2021 to allow delegates the opportunity to requalify once back at work. 

Global Wind Organisation (GWO) - updated 21 January 2021

COVID-19: How to Make Equipment Safe

Since the coronavirus pandemic took over our lives, we have all been much more aware of the importance of adhering to strict hygiene measures and social distancing.

Today it is the norm to use hand sanitiser whenever we enter a premises, touch any objects, and the wearing of facemasks has become commonplace in indoor settings where social distancing may be difficult and where you may come into contact with people you do not normally meet.

The need to ensure all personal protective equipment we use at work is also sanitised is now more important than ever.

COVID-19 & Confined Space Regulations

Every year people are killed or seriously injured whilst working in confined spaces. To reduce the risk of fatalities and injuries, the Confined Spaces Regulations (1997) were introduced to identify and reduce risks from working in confined spaces.

For those who work in confined spaces, COVID-19 presents additional challenges. In this article, we discuss the effects of the pandemic on working in confined spaces, confined space regulations and confined space training.

Confined Space Regulations 1997

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