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Working at height

And performing rescues

Advanced Working at Height Training and Rescue Courses

This course is aimed to give learners knowledge and understanding of working at height and includes working and performing rescues from suspended lines. It covers basic working at height techniques including fall arrest, positioning techniques, edge protection, anchors and the use of mechanical descenders, achieved by theoretical and practical sessions.

Key Facts

  • Duration – 3 days
  • Assessment – written and practical
  • Instructor / candidate ratio – Day 1 theory 1:12 and practical 1:6. Days 2 and 3 theory 1:8 and practical 1:4
  • Award alignment - Working at Height Regulations 2005
  • Accreditation - MRS Training & Rescue certificate
  • Lifespan - 3 years
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Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course delegates will be able to

  • Understand the main principle of health, safety, environmental legislation and approved codes of practice for working at height
  • Know the hazards and risks associated with work at height
  • Know the methods of reducing risk and injury including the hierarchy of controls relating to working at height
  • Know the types of personal fall protection systems and the differences between fall arrest, work restraint and work positioning (Including anchors & lifelines)
  • Give an appreciation of procedures for rescue, emergency at height or other incidents
  • Demonstrate competency when planning work from suspended lines.
  • Understand the safe use of mechanical descenders, secondary back up lines, edge protection
  • Demonstrate a safe working approach to setting up work positioning equipment including mechanical descenders and secondary backup lines
  • Demonstrate the procedures for rescue, emergencies at height or other incident.

Upcoming Course Dates

Fife (Scotland) 17/12/2018 3 Days Enquire
Fife (Scotland) 28/01/2019 3 Days Enquire
Swadlincote (Birmingham & The West Midlands) 29/01/2019 3 Days Enquire
Fife (Scotland) 27/02/2019 3 Days Enquire
Fife (Scotland) 27/03/2019 3 Days Enquire
Fife (Scotland) 24/04/2019 3 Days Enquire
Fife (Scotland) 22/05/2019 3 Days Enquire
Fife (Scotland) 26/06/2019 3 Days Enquire
Fife (Scotland) 24/07/2019 3 Days Enquire
Fife (Scotland) 21/08/2019 3 Days Enquire
Fife (Scotland) 25/09/2019 3 Days Enquire
Fife (Scotland) 23/10/2019 3 Days Enquire
Fife (Scotland) 20/11/2019 3 Days Enquire
Fife (Scotland) 18/12/2019 3 Days Enquire

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