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Enclosed Space Management


Marine Enclosed Space Management

All enclosed spaces, and operations occurring within them, need to be managed. This two day in-house only course is run at one of our training centres. It is designed for Senior Shore/Ship/Platform Management and Shipyard and Port Management concerned with the management of enclosed space entry. It is designed to give a total appreciation of enclosed spaces and the associated problems. It covers the training and practical requirements, documentation, the equipment and rescue techniques in a combined classroom and practical instruction, with in-house discussion of the related problems.

All enclosed spaces on ships and platforms have to be managed. It is essential that there is an overall management plan for these areas and procedures for operations taking place within them. This requires the involvement of the ship or platform management in the formulation of these plans and a method of managing their implementation. The two day Enclosed Space Management Course run at one of our training centres is specifically designed for this purpose.

Key Facts

  • Duration - 2 days
  • Instructor/candidate ratio - 1:6
  • Accreditation - MRS Training & Rescue certificate
  • Lifespan - 3 years

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Sorry, no upcoming dates are currently listed for this course. Please contact your local training centre for further assistance.

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