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Enhanced First Aid (Wind Turbines)

Renewable Industry Training

GWO First Aid Course - Wind Turbines

This course provides delegates with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to administer safe, effective and immediate lifesaving and enhanced first aid measures to save life and give assistance in remote areas using advanced emergency equipment and medical teleconsultation.

Learners attending must have:-

  • Have completed a personal delegate profile in WINDA and provide own WINDA ID prior to completing the ART training
  • Valid GWO BST module working at heights certificate
  • GWO first aid certificate
  • GWO manual handling certificate

Key Facts

  • Duration - 3 days
  • Assessment - written and practical
  • Instructor/candidate ratio - theory 1:12 and practical 1:6
  • Award alignment – course meets GWO approved enhanced first aid standard
  • Accreditation - GWO certificate
  • Lifespan - 2 years
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Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

  • Understand legislation, risks and hazards in area in which they work
  • Understand human anatomy
  • Know how to manage an incident
  • Administer lifesaving and enhanced first aid using primary and secondary survey
  • Understand pain management and further possible medication
  • Be able practice first aid techniques on some selected scenarios


Upcoming Course Dates

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