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Overseeing Work for High Risk Confined Spaces (Top Man/Woman)


Overseeing Work for High Risk Confined Spaces (Top Man/Woman)

How to act as a safety attendant (top man/woman) for high risk confined spaces. It does not require entry into confined spaces. It is about controlling the pre-entry procedures and entry into and out of the confined space, maintaining communications, and initiating and controlling emergency procedures. The role extends to interpretation, supervision and coordination for the team and work being undertaken in the confined space during planned work and an emergency situation. In this regard, the role is autonomous and pitched at a higher level than is generally seen of a traditional ‘top man/woman’. This is further emphasised when it is taken into account that in this role the candidate may also be responsible for committing a work team in potentially non-routine environments, which is a significant departure in terms of responsibility, skills and competence of the traditional ‘top man/woman’. CITB Approved Training Organisation.


Key Facts

  • Duration - 2 days
  • Assessment - written and practical
  • Instructor/candidate ratio - 1:10 (plus a C&G assessor if required)
  • Award alignment - aligns with Top Man/Woman for High Risk Confined Spaces Level 3 Award (6150-14 - Water & 6150-54 - Non-Water).
  • Accreditation - MRS Training & Rescue certificate or City & Guilds 6150 qualification
  • Lifespan – 3 years.
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Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course delegates will be able to

  • Prepare to act as safety attendant for teams working in confined spaces in the water industry
  • Oversee safe entry and exit to confined spaces
  • Monitor work team to ensure procedures are followed
  • Prepare for and deal with emergencies 
  • Use appropriate behaviour for carrying out Top Man work in High Risk Confined Spaces
  • Use general knowledge for carrying out Top man work in high risk confined spaces

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