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Rescue from an Enclosed Space


Rescue from an Enclosed Space

Rescue from an enclosed space is an essential part of the Enclosed Space Safety Training Programme. This is an intensive course designed to develop delegates' abilities to rescue or evacuate personnel who may be trapped, injured or overcome in an enclosed space.

Leadership and teamwork are developed while delegates learn the latest extraction/evacuation techniques. Hands-on training in all relevant types of self-contained breathing apparatus and associated rescue equipment, including tripods, fall-arrest, winching arrangements, rescue stretchers, resuscitation, oxygen, gas monitoring equipment and on-site first aid are an essential part of the course.

Key Facts

  • Duration - 2 days
  • Assessment - written & practical
  • Instructor/candidate ratio - 1:5
  • Award alignment - Aligns with Rescue from an Enclosed Space 6150-05
  • Accreditation - MRS Training & Rescue certificate or City & Guilds 6150-05 qualification
  • Lifespan - 3 years

Upcoming Course Dates

Sorry, no upcoming dates are currently listed for this course. Please contact your local training centre for further assistance.

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