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Workplace Safety

Site VisitsWhen you run a business, there are so many demands on your time, that health and safety can sometimes lose priority. You probably have good intentions to review policies and procedures, but do other work pressures stop them from actually happening?

Are you frustrated by health and safety guidelines and don’t know which way to turn?

In your competitive market you may find the day-to-day running of the business so time-consuming that you never get round to reviewing health and safety policies – but it is important. Not only to look after employee health as a healthy workforce makes for good business, but to ensure you comply with legislative requirements too. Failure to comply with current UK legislation can result in criminal prosecution which can include Directors incurring unlimited fines or even imprisonment under Corporate Manslaughter. If you’ve considered approaching a consultant to help you in the past, you’ve probably been worried that either you might be getting more ‘advice’ than ‘action’, or are unsure of their credentials.

Imagine having the peace of mind that your H&S is all taken care of

Creating an economic advantage for any business is essential, and cutting business costs means it makes sense to outsource non-core activities such as Health and Safety. It is without doubt an essential part of your business but not one that warrants the expense of a full time employee.

MRS Training & Rescue are able to offer a one-stop-shop solution for all your H&S needs, with the ability to provide policy / assessment, and where necessary, training, to meet the needs of your business.

Our tailored services include:

  • Hands on support doing all the jobs you find time consuming, with the flexibility for 'task specific' help, just when you need it. And unlike an employee or an agency you only pay for what you need – so no need to employ extra staff and divert valuable resources. We have the ability to do the job for you at a cost significantly less than using full time employees.
  • Qualified Consultants from specialised industrial backgrounds that will give your business the peace of mind that all your H&S is being taken care of by someone who understands your business.
  • Making the right Health and Safety choices for your business to ensure you are, as a minimum, compliant with the required H&S legislation and standards your industry requires.

We will deliver on time, to your requirements, helping you to make improvements to your business in a positive way.

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