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Equipment Sales

Browse our catalogue of equpiment available for sale from any of our training centres.The majority of items listed are also available to hire.

Contact your nearest centre for more information or complete the enquiry form on the right.

Bolero FRS Rescue Harness

Two point fall arrest harness, with 3 bar slide and rectangular link chest connection. Adjustable length leg loops and shoulder straps with a roller buckle to ensure the straps are positioned correctly. Includes an overhead rescue attachment and fitted with a Nyplax waistcoat. The chest strap on this harness is a full chest strap going all the way around the chest to provide an exceptionally secure configuration which increases the distribution of load when using the front "D" ring.

£: One Day Hire: £20 | Additional Days Hire: £7 | Purchase: On application
Deco 2000 Higher rated

The Didsbury Deco 2000 compacted hoist is a lightweight lifting system for man-riding and precision handling operations. Available with two choices of cable lengths 19m or 37m incorporating a controlled multi-layering drum action. It is exceptionally versatile, easily portable and designed for use with the Didsbury Tripod, Davit systems or for suspension from any suitable overhead fixture. Built to Didsbury’s quality standards, the hoist meets the highest safety requirements.

£: One Day Hire: £55 | Additional Days Hire: £17 | Purchase: On application
Deco 2000 Mini Lift

Didsbury Mini-Lift wire rope hoists are designed for safe goods handling and man-riding operations. Enclosed and open drum models are available to accommodate various heights of lift.

The enclosed drum hoist is supplied with an extension tube and top sheath for overhead eye bolt mountings on tripods and davits or with spigot mounting where headroom is restricted. The open drum model is supplied with frame mounting for normal tripod use.

Manually operated in standard form Mini-Lift hoists can also be converted to air power drive by a Snap-On attachment.

This model is also available with a shortened boom for working in enclosed spaces with restricted access and space.

£: One Day Hire: £55 | Additional Days Hire: £17 | Purchase: On application
Didsbury Lightweight Tripod

The Didsbury lightweight tripod provides an easy to handle hoist mounting for vertical lifts in restricted access situations.

Easy to erect and adjustable for height and level, it can be deployed quickly for man-riding, general lifting and rescue operations. When not in use the tripod packs away neatly in its own compact carrying bag.

£: One Day Hire: £55 | Additional Days Hire: £17 | Purchase: On application
Escape BA Elsa Dash J

Renowned as the world’s leading constant flow escape set (also known as EEBD) the Elsa (Emergency Life Support Apparatus) is designed for rapid escape from hazardous environments, the jacket style allows the wearer to have both hands free whilst working and reduces the risk of snags associated with other carry bag style escape sets, especially functional whilst working in enclosed spaces and traveling through lightning holes and internal structures.

£: One Day Hire: £50 | Additional Days Hire: £17 | Purchase: On application
F2X-TREAM Rescue Helmet

Designed as a head protection for all types of rescue situations, the F2-XTREM offers a unique flexibility thanks to its modular concept: the basic configuration is perfect for rescue operations in enclosed space environments, providing shock, penetration, flame and electrical high level protection. Optionally equipped with hearing protection and clear visor, it is the perfect fit for all possible rescue situations.

It can also be fitted with high performance lamp and SCBA mask for rescue in toxic environments. On top of all that, the unparalleled comfort and stability of the F2-XTREM eliminates all inconvenience for the wearer.

£: One Day Hire: n/a | Additional Days Hire: n/a | Purchase: On application
G5 Professional Defib

Rely on the Powerheart G5’s advanced AED technology.

Your skills and experience can make all the difference to a victim of sudden cardiac arrest, so the Powerheart G5 has been specifically designed to help you respond as quickly and effectively as possible.

The Powerheart G5 is the first AED that combines variable escalating energy for customised patient therapy along with fast shock times and real-time CPR feedback.

Like you, the Powerheart G5 is ready to respond and knows how to perform when every second counts. And with customisable protocols and easy USB data transfer, it’s the perfect addition to your team.

£: One Day Hire: n/a | Additional Days Hire: n/a | Purchase: On application
Gas Alert Micro Clip Multi Gas

The slim and compact Gas Alert MicroClip XT provides affordable protection from atmospheric hazards. With continuous visual confirmation of detector operation and compliance provided by the IntelliFlash™ feature.

Simple one-button operation for the ultimate ease of use significantly reduces training times.

PDF iconClick here to download the user guide

PDF iconClick here to download the operator's manual

£: One Day Hire: £60 | Additional Days Hire: £17 | Purchase: On application
Gas Alert Quattro

Rugged and reliable, the Gas Alert Quattro four-gas detector combines a comprehensive range of features with simple one-button operation.

With flexible power options, the Gas Alert Quattro is always ready.

The graphic LCD displays easy to identify icons that indicate operational information, such as bump test and calibration status for simplified onsite auditing. IntelliFlash provides continuous visual confirmation of detector operation and compliance.

PDF iconClick here to download the user guide

PDF iconClick here to download the operator's manual

£: One Day Hire: £70 | Additional Days Hire: £17 | Purchase: On application
Hazmat Rescue Dummy Training Aid

The standard General Purpose Dummy is ideal for all the general rescue scenarios, but when you need to practice a rescue scenario where the dummy needs to be doused in water, or lay for long periods in constantly wet or dirty areas, then the HazMat dummy is the one you need.

Instead of the heavy duty canvas of the standard General Purpose Dummy the HazMat dummy has a carcass of nylon reinforced PVC which will withstand continuous wet conditions.

The dummy can be supplied with an optional overall similar to the Water Rescue dummies made of 320g high tenacity polyurethane coated polyester.

At the end of the rescue exercise hose the dummy down with fresh water and hang up to dry - it will dry quickly.

Note that this dummy has normal weighting so do not put it into deep water - it will sink! For deep water rescue scenarios use the Water Rescue dummy which is designed to float appropriately.

£: One Day Hire: n/a | Additional Days Hire: n/a | Purchase: On application
KS7700 Portable Helmet Light

High-Power CREE LED cap lamp with two step illumination, M1 ATEX permission, lithium battery and cordless M-Charging-System. Up to 3,500 Lux, 120 Lumen, 145 g, IP67.

  • LED Helmlampe KS-7700-MC links
  • mpe KS-7700-MC, Helm
  • Two step illumination: emergency light or main light
  • Protection against overload, deep discharge, wrong polarity & short circuit
  • Impact resistant housing made of ABS / PC alloy
  • 2 year factory warranty against material defect or malfunction
  • With ATEX permission Ex I M1 Ex ia I

Special approval for use in areas with methane, with cordless M-Charging-System

£: One Day Hire: £20 | Additional Days Hire: £7 | Purchase: On application
Motorola GP340 Radio

The GP340, one of the market-leading radios in Motorola’s Professional Series, is a simple communication solution for portable users requiring a high-quality radio.

The GP340 keeps users in touch; increasing efficiency and productivity. The radio offers essential functionality and security features to protect users working alone or remotely.

With option board capability and a wide range of accessories available within the Professional Series; it’s easy to build a tailored communications solution to meet your needs.

£: One Day Hire: n/a | Additional Days Hire: n/a | Purchase: On application
Paraguard Rescue Stretcher

Designed for a variety of rescues, the Paraguard Excel is a compact and versatile rescue stretcher. It is ideal for search and rescue operations and can be used to rescue casualties quickly and safely from enclosed spaces.

Constructed from quality, synthetic materials, stainless steel and aluminium, the Paraguard Excel is impervious to oil, water, grease and other petroleum products and is resistant to rot and corrosion.

The Paraguard Excel is quick and simple to use with various straps to secure the chest, arms, thighs and lower legs. The head is held in place by a 3 point, non-slip forehead strap. A figure of eight strap supports the feet.

Standard features include:

  • Particularly useful for vertical and enclosed space rescues.
  • Approved for use by many authorities including NATO 6530-99-446-9403.
£: One Day Hire: £30 | Additional Days Hire: £12 | Purchase: On application
Sabre Ease

The Sabre EASE portable & pipeline systems provide a compact, low resistance method of self-administering O2 /N2O. The EASE demand valve is constructed in a way that creates minimal breathing resistance to the patient and can deliver high flows when required.

  • On demand Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen (EntonoxTM) system for delivering up to 300 litres/min
  • Portable first stage regulator and cylinder version for immediate care and pre-hospital applications
  • Low pressure pipeline version for obstetrics and general nursing applications
  • Conforms to BS 4272: Part 2
  • Low inspiratory effort demand valve
  • Test/Purge facility on the demand valve, easy to clean and reassemble for cross infection control protocol
  • Hose fitted with BS probe for connection into CD system or wall outlet
£: One Day Hire: n/a | Additional Days Hire: n/a | Purchase: On application
Sabre MARS Manual and Automatic Resuscitation System

Sabre MARS is the result of extensive research and development; the culmination of Sabre’s 20 years’ experience in the manufacture of resuscitators.

All models are designed to meet BS6850:1987 for ventilator resuscitators. Whilst there are many versions of the Sabre MARS, they are all based on the same design philosophy enabling the carer to concentrate on looking after the patient, not on operating the equipment.

With Sabre MARS the operator does not have to make judgements on the lung capacity of the patient to select a tidal volume; only the basic size or type of patient being cared for. Once this simple operation has been made the MARS will control both tidal volume and pulse frequency within the parameters laid down in the British Standards.

Even if the wrong setting is selected there is no risk of over inflating the patient’s lungs. The MARS always ‘fails safe’ and will vent excess gas whilst giving the operator an audible warning that the equipment is not being used correctly.

The performance specifications shown are common to all MARS units but it must be emphasised that MARS is available as a range of products designed to meet various operational requirements. The purpose of the downloadable brochure is to indicate the options available.

£: One Day Hire: £65 | Additional Days Hire: £22 | Purchase: On application
Cen-Paq Rescue BA

The Scott Cen-Paq is an open circuit, self-contained, compressed air breathing apparatus. It consists of a Hi-Vis jacket based carrying system and pneumatic system, containing a cylinder connector, reducer, pressure gauge, whistles and demand valve.

The Cen-Paq is a single cylinder set with a duration of 15, 20 or 30 minutes. The Cen-Paq can also be configured with an anti-static jacket and an airline attachment.

The Cen-Paq is used in conjunction with a range of composite or steel cylinders and the choice of Vision 3, Panaseal, Panavisor or Promask PP facemask.

£: One Day Hire: £90 - £110 | Additional Days Hire: £22 - £35 | Purchase: On application
Sked Stretcher Rescue System

A rescue system that performs the functions of a stokes and basket type stretcher, yet is much more compact, lightweight, and versatile.

Sked Stretcher - The basic rescue system includes:

  • SKED Stretcher
  • Cordura Back Pack/Towing Harness
  • Horizontal Lift Slings
  • Vertical Lift Sling (PMI E-Z Bend 3/8" rope)
  • Large steel locking carabineer
  • Tow Strap
  • Set of 4 removable webbing handles
£: One Day Hire: £30 | Additional Days Hire: £12 | Purchase: On application

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