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The Equipment we Use

Confined Space Rescue Cover Equipment

As well as providing a comprehensive range of confined space rescue cover services and assessments, our teams are always equipped with the highest quality equipment when they attend sites.

We have a fleet of vehicles, designed, and equipped to ensure that we can respond rapidly to a range of emergencies, which include confined space and working at height rescue.

Our vehicles hold all the necessary equipment to deal with foreseeable confined space or working at height incidents. We pride ourselves on being prepared to handle whatever we encounter, and 115 years of experience means we can handle a lot.

List of rescue tools and equipment

Rescue Equipment MRS Training & Rescue provide

We have over 60 vehicles in our fleet designed and equipped specifically to ensure a rapid response to a range of emergencies which include confined space rescue, working at height rescue and mines rescue.  This number includes 15 rescue vehicles and 3 welfare vehicles alongside our other technical support vehicles.

The following equipment is carried at a minimum:

  • Self-contained breathing apparatus - x 2
  • Tripod system (various available to meet the entry exit requirements, would be identified within the RAMS - Minimum 1
  • Safety/ Rescue Harness - x 4
  • Rescue winch system (various types are available it would be dependent on the type of entry)- As required
  • Rescue team radios (ATEX) - 1 set
  • Guidelines - 1 Set
  • BA control board x 1
  • Entry control board x 1
  • Lamps (ATEX) - 1 set
  • Multi - Gas detector (ATEX)- Minimum of 1
  • Chargers for the electrical equipment
  • PETZL Working at Height Safety Helmet
  • Suspension Harness
  • Twin lanyards
  • Work positioning lanyards
  • Latchways climber or similar
  • Automatic descenders (various types/ lengths dependant on the RAMS)
  • Anchor clamps/ slings/ pullies
  • Working at height rescue stretcher
  • Ropes
  • Escape sets for use as part of a rescue - x 2
  • Radios for use by workers within the confined space (ATEX)
  • Resuscitation apparatus (MARS)
  • Analgesic pain relief (SABRE Ease)
  • AED Defibrillator
  • SKED rescue system
  • Stretcher System
  • Spinal Board/ Collar
  • TED casualty Extraction Device
  • Inflatable and fixed splints
  • First Aid Supplies/ Trauma kit
  • Blood oxygen monitor

The vehicles hold all the equipment required to respond to a range of reasonably foreseeable incidents. MRS will always liaise with each customer to make sure that specific requirements are captured as part of the site/job specific risk and method statements.

The total cost of the above rescue equipment is nearly £15,000 – and, in addition to the above list, we can also provide our rescue teams with BG4 long duration breather apparatus (which lasts 4 hours) when required. Two sets of this breathing equipment can be worth nearly £25,000.

Other equipment used for rescue operations

For longer outages, an onsite Technical Service Vehicle equipped with its own power supply can be provided. As well as being situated close to the site of the outage, our Technical Services Vehicle offers a space to act as an immediate response treatment centre for emergencies. The site is also useful as a place for contractors to be briefed on the confined space entry requirements and associated rescue arrangements.

For many of our customers, it has acted as a place to consolidate the risk and method statements, and hold permits relating to the entry of the confined space. It offers a working space for briefing contractors and rescue teams, as well as being situated as closely as possible to the site of the outage. It can also act as an immediate response treatment centre for a range of emergencies. Our vehicles hold all the equipment needed to respond to a range of reasonably foreseeable incidents. MRS will always liaise with you to make sure that site-specific requirements are captured as part of the site/job specific risk and method statements.

Onsite Technical Service Vehicle

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