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First Aid Training

MRS Training & Rescue are leading first aid training and assessment providers, and are approved by an awarding body.

Our accredited first aid courses are designed to provide skills, knowledge and confidence needed to deliver effective first aid in emergency situations. We understand that when something out of your control goes wrong – an effective first aider is essential. Over 100 of our first aid instructors have the qualifications and experience to teach anyone the first aid they require to be compliant and effective.

What is the right first aid training course for me?

We are approved to deliver first aid courses that comply with the First Aid Regulations Act 1981. Those who successfully complete our courses will receive a certificate which proves they have the right training to be compliant with this regulation.

We offer a variety of first aid courses. If you need help in deciding which one is the right course for you and your business – don’t hesitate to contact us.

First Aid at Work

This 3 day First Aid at Work course is our most popular and is the course most first aiders need to complete to comply with health and safety regulations.

This course covers all the comprehensive practical skills a person requires to become a confident first aider at work – which includes how to provide appropriate care and knowing the action to take in an emergency. Candidates will also learn how to know and demonstrate basic life saving techniques and diagnose and deal with injuries and illnesses in the workplace.

Those who attend this course will be continually assessed throughout the duration of the course and will be required to complete a short written assessment. Those who successfully complete this course will receive an awarding body First Aid at Work certificate, which is valid for 3 years.


First Aid at Work Refresher

This First Aid at Work refresher course is for those who need to renew their expiring or expired First Aid at Work certification.

This 2 day course will ‘refresh’ the practical skills and knowledge of first aiders and will ensure they are up-to-date with any changes. This course places emphasis on making sure first aiders can continue to be effective in delivering practical skills (such as CPR and dealing with wounds).

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that those who have an expiring first aid certificate complete this course within a month of a certificate expiring.

Those who successfully complete this course will receive an accredited awarding body First Aid at Work certificate, which is valid for 3 years


Emergency First Aid at Work

This 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course is for those who work in low hazard environments such as offices, shops and libraries – or for those who have identified the requirement for an emergency first aider in their risk assessment.

On this course, candidates will learn basic life saving first aid and workplace health and safety regulations. Those who attend this course will learn how to take action in emergency situations, know and demonstrate basic life saving techniques and how to deal with minor injuries and illnesses in the workplace.

Those who successfully complete this course will receive an Emergency First Aid at Work certificate from an awarding body, which is valid for 3 years


GWO First Aid Courses

GWO First Aid courses are for those who work in the wind turbine industry. Wind turbine engineers often have to work in remote places or at considerable heights. This means, it can take a long time for emergency services to arrive – therefore, first aid training is essential.

MRS Training & Rescue is an approved Global Wind Organisation (GWO) training provider. GWO is a non-profit body founded by leading wind turbine manufacturers and operators, and although not mandatory – this training is often sought by employers in the wind turbine industry.

Our GWO First Aid course is designed to provide delegates with the skills and knowledge they need to be able to assess and effectively provide first aid in the event of an emergency. Our GWO Enhanced First Aid (EFA) course is for those who require a higher level of first aid life saving and rescue skills –allowing them to give assistance in remote areas, using advanced emergency equipment and teleconsultation until the emergency services arrive.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are courses accredited by industry bodies?

MRS Training & Rescue are an awarding body approved assessment provider, and as such, we are able to deliver, assess and certificate first aid courses which comply with the First Aid Regulations Act 1981.

We are also Global Wind Organisation (GWO) approved training providers – which means we are approved to deliver first aid courses for the wind turbine industry and can award GWO recognised certification.

What skills will I learn?

It is important delegates not only learn the theoretical aspects of first aid training but also be assessed for competence when needing to use the skills in a practical situation. Our practical courses provide you with the skills, knowledge and confidence to use what you have been taught and assessed against in a real emergency. So, should one occur, you'll be equipped with the skills you need.

What is first aid?

First aid is the act of giving someone help and assistance when they are sick or involved in an emergency until access to medical assistance can be obtained. The goals of first aid are to:

  • Preserve life

  • Prevent deterioration

  • Promote recovery

“A helping hand until access to medical assistance can be obtained.”

What is a first aider, and what are their responsibilities?

A first aider is someone selected by an employer to undertake the function of providing first aid and who, therefore, is provided with first aid training in accordance with the requirements of the HSE.

A first aider has several responsibilities:

  • Assess the scene

  • Obtain help

  • Treat the patient

  • Minimize the risk of infection

  • Manage post incident / emergency

Why do I need first aid training?

Up to 150,000 people in the UK die each year in situations where first aid could have made a difference.

Companies with 25 – 50 employees are required by the Health and Safety Executive to have at least one person with the ‘Emergency First Aid at Work’ qualification. In workplaces with a higher number of employees, it is recommended that you have numerous fully trained first aiders, reducing the risk of serious implications of lack of first aid trained staff.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure adequate equipment, personnel and facilities are provided in preparation for injured staff members and must be able to provide immediate attention and care. Regular risk assessments must be carried out in the workplace to determine what problems there are and what to provide in aid of them.

As accidents and illness can happen at any time, it’s important that first aid is always readily available for workers. Employers have a legal responsibility towards their employees, and they must appoint a person to take charge in any incident if this is not themselves.



Thank you for the support and training you have given us, we are all very grateful, and although we never wish to see such an accident, it was reassuring to see how well the team’s training clicked into place and how they truly worked together to free and stabilise the casualty before the emergency services arrived.

Ford's Engine Plant ERT team, Bridgend

We have been using MRS for over 20 years and have been most impressed with their professionalism and flexibility that they have shown for First Aid training.

Angela Johnson-Akzo Nobel. Occupational Health Manager

The quality of the instructor and how he delivered the lessons was second to none. Friendly, helpful, understanding and tolerant and nothing was ever a problem for him. He made the learning interesting and relevant which was great from a pupil’s point of view. I would have no hesitations in recommending MRS to organisations / businesses who were looking to train and get their staff qualified.

George Paterson, Operations Director, Inplace Personnel Services Ltd

By far the most professional delivery of a first aid course I have attended. Excellent knowledge and experience demonstrated by the trainer. The course was delivered in a professional but approachable way. The administrative organization is excellent. Thank you.

Theresa Skillen, School Business Leader, Redgate Special School

The best first aid training I've received. The tutor did an excellent job and made everyone on the course feel comfortable and relaxed. His knowledge was excellent - he is an asset to your team.

Eddie Keetley, EPC-UK
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