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How we Work

How we Work

Regulation 5 of the Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 requires ‘suitable and sufficient’ emergency arrangements to be in place for the rescue of any person entering or working within a confined space.

A typical assignment would include the following:

  • Arrange to meet with the client on-site, make an initial assessment of the work area and advise on hazards and risks. We then advise on control measures to minimise those risks to an acceptable level. We also put in place control measures for rescue should it be required.
  • Issue a risk assessment including first aid, safe system of work and a rescue plan.
  • Assess and inspect the confined space or risk area immediately prior to anyone entering and works commencing, in order to establish that the risk assessment remains valid and suitable on commencement of the work, and throughout the work period, or when individuals are in the confined space.
  • Ensure all personnel entering or working in the confined space are competent and are provided with a safety briefing.
  • Ensure all rescue equipment used in the confined space is fit for purpose.
  • Monitor/record and observe all personnel entering and exiting the confined space.e
  • Monitor the environment in the confined space and advise if any change to the risk assessment is required.
  • In the event that the rescue team has to perform a rescue, then the rescue plan will be implemented immediately and a rescue will be instigated.
  • The rescue team will provide the liaison with other emergency services regarding casualty handover and further requirements.

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The rescue equipment of MRS Training & Rescue, which may be used in a confined space situation.

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