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Working at Height Training Courses

Working at Height Training Courses

We are a leading provider of Working at Height training and offer a wide range of courses including several that are fully accredited by GWO for the renewable industry.

What does Working at Height mean?

Work at height means work in any place where, if there were no precautions in place, a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury. Some work places are fairly obvious, for example if you are working on a roof or ladder; others may be less obvious, such as working below ground level chambers or walkways. 

Worker supporting ladder for working at height worker


The Working at Height Regulations 2005 define Working at Height as
(a) work in any place, including a place at or below ground level; 
(b) obtaining access to or egress from such place while at work, except by a staircase in a permanent workplace, 
where, if the measures required by these Regulations were not taken, a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury. 

Men working at height using a tripod rig and body harnesses


Work at height does not include a slip or a trip on the level, as a fall from height has to involve a fall from one level to a lower level, nor does it include walking up and down a permanent staircase in a building.

Worker fallen off a ladder onto floor holding knee after failing to work safely

Why do I need training?

Falls from height are one of the biggest causes of workplace fatalities and major injuries in the UK. In 2015/16, figures show there were:

  • 37 fatalities – 26% of all fatalities at work in UK 
  • 5956 non-fatal injuries
  • Someone injured by falling from height loses on average 9.4 days from work

Man falling off ladder holding power tool

That is why everyone working at height should be trained and competent.
The Work at Height Regulations state:-

  • All work at height to be properly planned and organised
  • Those involved in work at height to be competent
  • The risks from work at height to be assessed and appropriate work equipment selected and used
  • The risks from fragile surfaces to be properly controlled
  • Equipment for work at height properly inspected and  maintained
Why MRS?


Our Credentials

MRS Training & Rescue is a leading nationwide (ISO 9001:2015 certificate) Health & Safety training provider to many businesses and industries throughout the UK, offering first class facilities to deliver a range of key height related training courses for people who are engaged in this safety critical work.   We are also approved by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) for the range of courses available to the renewable industry. 

Experts you can trust

All our instructors and assessors are also operational rescue team members for working at height activities, so have real life stories to make the theory come alive. They also hold nationally recognized teaching and assessing qualifications, are experts in the subject matter and passionate about what they teach.

Realistic training experience

We can offer realistic, practical training in a safe environment, where our facilities include a specially designed training tower which provides our clients with the most realistic scenarios possible. Internal and external ladders, hatches, roof top anchor beams, handrails, slopes, gates and a range of internal furnishing enable our training to be bespoke and cover a wide range of work applications to meet the needs of customers from all industrial sectors. 

Tailored training and rescue

No single solution is fit for all working at height situations. So we also offer bespoke courses, designed and developed with you to meet your specific needs, always with safety, quality and professionalism at the forefront of our minds.

Man raising man onto working at height facility using a body harness

This includes consultancy to develop solutions for all your working at height problems.  

Plus rescue training in order to ensure you have the skills needed to assess and plan a rescue, make the casualty safe and remove them from the area using suitable rescue equipment and safe rescue techniques.

What our customers say...


As specialists in height and awkward access projects, it is important our technicians and engineers undergo continuous training to achieve the high standards required in our chosen fields. Our trainer of choice for working at height and wind turbine training and rescue is MRS Training & Rescue and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Jason Ross, Managing Director, Equinox Access Solutions Group

The training was a good based mixture of classroom and practical regarding all aspects of WAH, and the excellent training centre facilities to enable you to ascend and descend from a 60 foot tower, with the easy going but professional manner of the trainers, ensured this was one of the most enjoyable training courses that I have attended in recent years.

Shift Team Leader, Outotec UK Ltd

MRS Training & Rescue have always provided us with high class training with knowledgeable instructors. Our technicians have often said the courses are among the best they've been on.

Kieran Brazill, Training and Development Manager, Deutsche Windtechnik

When I used to work in the Water industry, I regularly used the Mines Rescue Service in Crossgates for their excellent ‘Confined Space Rescue Training’, and greatly benefitted from their extensive knowledge and support, in helping me to set up my systems and procedures. Now that I work in the Wind Industry, I was delighted to discover that they have also developed their services to include the GWO Working at Height standards, and now support us with ‘GWO Basic Working at Height and Rescue Training’ as well as providing us with the ‘Advanced Rescue Training’. The Crossgates Centre has excellent facilities, and their training has really developed the confidence of our Technicians, and Thanks to Mines Rescue, have achieved a high standard of internal rescue capability.

Simon Heesom, QHSE Manager, Deutsche Windtechnik Ltd


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