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Courses for the Renewables Industry

MRS Training and Rescue has provided training for those who work as part of the renewables industry for many years. During this time, we have acquired expertise and built state-of-the-art training facilities across the UK – which has meant we are now recognised as a leading training provider in the wind turbine and renewables industries.

We provide realistic training in environments and conditions which are designed to replicate what candidates might experience on the job. In addition to this, we are accredited by industry leading bodies – and are a fully accredited and approved Global Wind Organisation (GWO) training provider.

What is the Global Wind Organisation (GWO)?

The Global Wind Organisation (GWO) is a non-profit body founded by wind turbine owners and manufacturers. The body standardises training across the sector and those who are accredited, as we are, can offer training which is recognised by those in the wind turbine industry.

In order to obtain GWO approval, we were subject to an audit to verify that we could consistently deliver training to the relevant GWO standard. MRS Training & Rescue were successfully able to demonstrate compliance with:

  • Management systems and supporting processes
  • Physical resources
  • Staff resources
  • Training & Assessment

We continue to be subject to regular audits in order to retain our GWO approval status.

The objective of the GWO is to ensure common industry training and best practise standards for health and safety as a vital and necessary way forward to reducing risks for personnel in the wind industry working on site. For those seeking a job in the renewables industry, GWO certification can help prove to an employer that you have skills, knowledge and training which is recognised by an industry leading body.


Renewable Energy Training

What is the right renewable course for me?

We offer a range of courses accredited by GWO, including advanced training – for those that need additional rescue and first aid skills.

GWO Working at Height and Rescue

This GWO Working at Height Course is for anyone who works in or on wind turbines – and provides candidates with the knowledge and skills they need to work safely at height. This 2 day course includes learning about safe systems of work, how to select equipment, how to inspect equipment and tools, risk assessments, emergency procedures and the evacuation and rescue practised at height. A 1 day GWO Working at Height and Rescue refresher course is also available.


GWO First Aid at Work

This 2 day GWO First Aid at Work course is for those who work with wind turbines or in the wind industry – who often work alone, or on isolated sites. On this course, candidates will learn first aid skills, knowledge and techniques which not only makes them compliant with legislative requirements – but will also make them effective and confident first aiders. A 1 day GWO First Aid at Work refresher course is also available


GWO Manual Handling

This half-day GWO Manual Handling course teaches candidates how to use positive manual handling behaviour – at all times, even whilst in small spaces found in wind turbines. On this course, delegates will learn how to perform manual handling activities and how to be in accordance with legislative requirements.


GWO Fire Awareness

This half-day GWO Fire Awareness course teaches those who attend how to identify and respond to a fire in a wind turbine, safely. On this course, candidates will learn about the development and spread of fire, and the correct actions to take if they discover a fire – including emergency escape arrangements.


GWO Enhanced First Aid (EFA)

This 3 day GWO Enhance First Aid course elevates the lifesaving skills of technicians working on wind turbines to enable them to use advanced emergency equipment and medical teleconsultation. A GWO Enhanced First Aid (EFA) refresher course is also available.


GWO Advanced Rescue Training (ART)

During this 3 day GWO Advanced Rescue Training (ART) course, delegates learn theoretical and practical knowledge required to access and rescue an injured person from the Hub and the Nacelle, Tower and basement section of a wind turbine.


Working on a wind turbine

With over 10,000 wind turbines in operation in the UK, the industry is growing rapidly, and it is important workers are safe. Wind turbine towers are on average 290 feet tall—about as tall as the Statue of Liberty, and many are in remote areas where the emergency services cannot reach quickly, should an emergency occur.


Most Wind Turbine technicians are responsible for inspecting, diagnosing, adjusting and repairing wind turbines. Wind turbines are complicated structures and machines – and as expected, need constant maintenance and adjusting to ensure they deliver electricity efficiently.

Technicians are often required to work in three main parts of a wind turbine - the hub, blade and nacelle areas. Each of these environments present a different challenge, and each of our GWO specific courses take this into consideration – teaching delegates how to apply what they learn in these areas.

In particular, our Advanced Rescue Training Course ensures a wind turbine operative can perform descending rescue operations from a wind turbine hub, spinner and from inside a blade, to an assembly area. And perform descending and ascending rescue operations from an enclosed space in a wind turbine nacelle, tower and basement, to an assembly area – always using industry standard rescue equipment.


GWO Basic Safety Training Package

MRS Training & Rescue is approved to deliver, assess and certificate the Basic Safety Training accredited by the GWO. This course package is designed to provide those who complete it with the skills and knowledge they need to work safely in the onshore wind industry sites.

The Basic Safety training package we provide incorporates 4 GWO approved courses; Working at Height and Rescue, First Aid, Fire Awareness and Manual Handling. This package of training is designed to provide candidates with the skills they need to enable them to work in a safe manner in the onshore wind turbine industry.

Candidates can complete this package of training in 5 days, and certificates are valid for 2 years. We also provide refresher courses for those with existing expiring certification.

GWO Training Facilities

MRS Training & Rescue has invested considerably in designing and building purpose built wind training facilities at our Crossgates and Knottingley training centres. These training centres have first-class wind turbine and work at height training facilities which enable them to deliver training, without renewable companies having to shut down their own turbines for training.


Approved by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) for the range of courses available, we work in partnership with the energy and education sectors to provide training in the safety-critical skills needed to work safely in the wind industry. The quality and standards of training provided were endorsed when MRS Training & Rescue won the 2014/15 Green Energy Award for the contribution to skills category.

Our training facilities ensure delegates experience conditions that replicate working in a wind turbine environment, with a restricted area of movement.

Why use MRS Training & Rescue?

MRS Training & Rescue are recognised as a leading provider of training for the renewables industries.

Our trainers are not just classroom teachers; they are practical instructors who are also members of work at height rescue teams. This understanding sets them apart and allows them to deliver training using real-life experiences.

In order to become accredited by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO), we needed the right training facilities and so initially invested in a 17m work at height tower and installed a decommissioned Wind Turbine at our training centre in Crossgates, Scotland, where we began to offer a range of GWO approved courses.

Since those early days, our expertise in all aspects of work at height has developed, and we are now recognised as a leading provider of training in this area. We also offer advice and consultancy to industry and have recently invested in additional work at height training facilities at all 7 locations, including building and installing a new work at height training facility at the Yorkshire training centre in Knottingley in 2019 which is approved by the GWO to offer a range of courses suitable for the wind industry.

We realise that no single solution is fit for all working at height situations. Therefore, we also offer bespoke courses by working closely with our clients to design and develop training to specifically to meet their needs, always with safety, quality and professionalism at the forefront of our minds.


MRS Training & Rescue have always provided us with high-class training with knowledgeable instructors. Our technicians have often said the courses are among the best they've been on.

Kieran Brazill, Training and Development Manager, Deutsche Windtechnik

As specialists in height and awkward access projects, it is important our technicians and engineers undergo continuous training to achieve the high standards required in our chosen fields. Our trainer of choice for working at height and wind turbine training and rescue is MRS Training & Rescue and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Jason Ross, Managing Director, Equinox Access Solutions Group

I was delighted to discover that MRS Training & Rescue has developed their services to include the GWO Working at Height standards, and now support us with ‘GWO Basic Working at Height and Rescue Training’ as well as providing us with the ‘Advanced Rescue Training’. They have excellent facilities, and their training has really developed the confidence of our technicians.

Simon Heesom, QHSE Manager, Deutsche Windtechnik
Purpose built Wind Turbine Training Facilities

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