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Enclosed Space Rescue

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Enclosed Space Rescue

Rescue from an Enclosed Space is a highly specialised procedure. The Mines Rescue Service uses its 100 years of experience, alongside today's most up-to-date intensive training programmes on-board new and old ships, to provide a ‘best practice' and effective safety service available to the Marine Industry. We specialise in confined space rescue procedures and techniques for every type of enclosed space situation.

MRS rescuer using the breathing aparatus mask on man in a body harness after removal from confined space

On-Site Safety Cover

Mines Rescue Marine can supply a fully equipped, self-contained rescue team to the client for use during high risk enclosed space work thereby alleviating the pressures placed upon them to divert valuable human resources from their day to day workload.

This support may come in differing forms dependent upon the requirements of the client, i.e. provision off:

  • A rescue supervisor and operatives to provide rescue cover with accompanying ancillary equipment.
  • A rescue supervisor and operatives to provide rescue cover.
  • Rescue operatives only to provide rescue cover.
  • On-site supervision only, is available to manage the clients' enclosed space operations.

Having now provided this support to clients in several UK locations, Mainland Europe, Gibraltar, in the USA and West Africa we are confident that we can exceed our clients’ expectations in every respect.

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