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Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) Policy Statement

As Chief Executive I believe “Safety, Health, Environment and Quality” is a core value of our business. As we continue to try and grow the size of our business, and extend in to new geographical and international regions it is important that we continue to maintain exemplary standards of SHEQ management and performance to ensure all our current and future employees, their families and others, that may be affected by our work activities will be protected from risks.

To enable us to achieve this aim, I have set the following objectives:

  • Provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent the risk of injury and ill health to our workers and other interested parties, by identifying and where practicable eliminating hazards.

  • Ensuring that appropriate resources are afforded to safeguard all our people, interested parties and the environment.

  • Ensuring that all interested parties are aware of this policy and are committed to its effective implementation.

  • There will be open communication, participation and consultation between our workforce, and other interested parties.

  • We are committed to as a minimum complying with health, safety and environmental law, with relevant Codes of Practice and Guidance published by the HSE along with other relevant recognised standards and regulators.

  • We will investigate all undesired events; lessons learned from such events will be used to take corrective action to prevent re-occurrences.

  • Competence requirements, roles and responsibilities for SHEQ will be clearly defined within job descriptions and other documents.

  • All our people will be adequately instructed and trained on the SHEQ matters that affect them and the safe working practices that should be followed.

  • All our management shall demonstrate visible leadership in SHEQ by promoting a culture that is known and accepted throughout the organisation. They will challenge the organisation to identify areas of weakness and opportunities for continuous improvement through audits, inspections and tours.

  • We shall ensure that the Management and Control of Fatal Hazards are fully embedded into the business management process from planning to through to the delivery of our daily activities.

  • Although our environmental impact is relatively low, we are committed to protecting the environment, including the prevention of pollution.

  • To maintain our customer focus and ensure satisfaction, by consistently delivering the best service possible to give customers confidence they are ‘safe in our hands’

  • Work closely with our interested parties as we strive to continually improve influence health and safety performance across industry.

  • Work to the core purpose within our vision and values, which is about ‘keeping people safe’

In working to these principles, I will give my full support to anyone who stops a task on SHEQ grounds but I also have an expectation that they will then report this through the appropriate channels to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Stuart Hoult
Chief Executive, MRS Training and Rescue

This policy statement will be reviewed at least annually

10 May 2019



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