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As Chief Executive I believe in our organisational purpose of “keeping people safe,” and this purpose must extend to including safety, health, environment and quality as the foundation values that guide the way we conduct our business activities. We must also be aware of the impact that our business activities have on the people that work directly for us, or form part of the communities in which we operate. We must collectively work to ensure the principles of environmental, social and governance (ESG) are at the core of the way in which we operate.

To enable us to achieve this aim, I have set the following objectives:


  • We will endeavour to ensure that the impact on the environments and depletion of the earth’s natural resources is understood.

  • Our organisation recognises that there is a social, economic, and environmental imperative to operate in a sustainable way. 

  • We will have targets that support improvements in this key area.

  • We are committed to as a minimum complying with the environmental law, along with relevant Codes of Practice and Guidance supported by other relevant recognised standards published by the regulators.


  • We shall work to be a good neighbour within the communities in which we operate, and where practicable have a positive impact in those communities.

  • We shall ensure that the Management and Control of Fatal Hazards are fully embedded into the business management process from planning to through to the delivery of our daily activities. 

  • We will provide safe and healthy working conditions to prevent the risk of injury and ill health to our workers and other interested parties, by identifying and where practicable eliminating hazards.

  • We will understand the impact that our work activities, and individuals’ choices are having on health by providing access to annual medical and health reviews. 

  • We will ensure that appropriate resources are afforded to safeguard all our people, and other persons that may be affected by our activities.

  • We are committed to as a minimum complying with health, safety law, along with relevant Codes of Practice and Guidance.

  • We will investigate all undesired events; lessons learned from such events will be used to understand our behaviours, take corrective action with the aim of preventing re-occurrences. 

  • We will ensure that our people are competent to do their jobs, and adequate time is allocated to maintain existing competencies and develop new competencies that support personal and business objectives.


  • We will have consideration to the way we manage our employees and ensure that they benefit from the effort they put in and being part of the MRSL organisation.

  • We will ensure that all interested parties are aware of this policy and are committed to its effective implementation.

  • We will be open in the communication, participation and consultation between our workforce, and other interested parties. 

  • All our management shall demonstrate visible leadership promoting the culture that is expected and accepted throughout the organisation. 

  • We will use internal and external audit to verify compliance and identify improvement opportunities.

In working to these principles, I will give my full support to anyone who delays a job to ensure that the principles of SHEQ and ESG are effectively managed, but I also have an expectation that they will then report this through the appropriate channels to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 

Stuart Hoult signature

Stuart Hoult
Chief Executive, MRS Training and Rescue

This policy statement will be reviewed at least annually

Date - 03 May 2024

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