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Case Studies

Accessing and entering the quarry with no direct access from ground level
As experts in rope access and rope rescue, we have helped several quarries that needed assistance accessing and entering areas that had no direct access from ground level.
The Rhondda Tunnel Society
The Rhondda Tunnel is an amazing feat of engineering and was a major artery in the years of steam where it was part of the Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway.
MRS Training & Rescue provide specialist rescue cover for FCC Environment
FCC Environment is one of the UK’s leading waste and resource management companies which minimises the amount of waste that ends up in landfill by transforming it into valuable resources wherever possible.
EPR's Westfield Power Station
EPR Scotland is one of the UK’s leading independent generators of renewable energy. Their plant at Westfield, Fife in Scotland specialises in converting poultry litter into electricity.
Inside the Victoria Tunnels
The Victoria tunnels, located underneath Newcastle city centre, are an engineering feat of brilliance. Originally designed by mine owners, they were used for the transportation of coal during the 1800’s.
Hanson's Ketton Cement Works
During the COVID-19 pandemic we provided a mock rescue cover exercise for Hanson, at their Ketton Cement Works – before planned maintenance works took place. 
MRS rescue operators setting up the ventilation system before entering the silos
The Port of Tilbury (London) is the largest of 8 ports owned by Forth Ports. Situated on the north bank of the Thames, it is perfectly placed to handle cargo for London and the rest of the South East.
MRS Training & Rescue's specialist rope crew at Penderyn Quarry
Penderyn is a limestone quarry in South Wales producing up to 500 thousand tonnes of limestone each year.
MRS Training & Rescue's team using rope access skills to ensure a safe emergency route for workers
Scotland has some of the worlds’ most stunning scenery, and this is true of an old mine our team visited there recently.
TATA Steel Trostre Works
In this case study, we provide insight into the confined space rescue cover we provided to TATA Steel, which allowed them to inspect a furnace safely. 

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