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Fire Awareness Course


Fire Awareness

This course provides an understanding of basic fire awareness so delegates can safely react to an outbreak of fire. It includes practical hands-on experience of the use of live extinguishers in a safe and controlled environment. Topics covered include classification, cause and spread of fire, regulations, fire drills and evacuation.

Key Facts

  • Duration - 3 hours
  • Assessment – written and practical
  • Instructor/candidate ratio - 1:10
  • Award alignment - complies with Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO)
  • Accreditation – MRS Training & Rescue certificate
  • Lifespan - 3 years
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Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course delegates will be able to

  • identify the correct extinguisher
  • check and use the correct extinguisher dependent on the classification of fire
  • identify the colour coding of extinguisher to indicate safe application of the extinguisher

Additional Course Details


A workforce that can safely react to an outbreak of fire. Saving property and maybe saving lives.

Outline Content

  • Cause and spread of fire
  • Classification of fire
  • Construction of fire extinguishers
  • Identification and selection of the appropriate fire extinguisher
  • Practical hands on experience of the use of live extinguishers in a safe and controlled environment
  • Fire fighting video

Upcoming Course Dates

Yorkshire 08/12/2017 0.5 Day Enquire
Yorkshire 05/01/2018 0.5 Day Enquire
Birmingham 12/01/2018 0.5 Day Enquire
Yorkshire 02/02/2018 0.5 Day Enquire
Nottingham 05/02/2018 0.5 Day Enquire
Yorkshire 05/03/2018 0.5 Day Enquire
Birmingham 09/03/2018 0.5 Day Enquire
Nottingham 09/04/2018 0.5 Day Enquire

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