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Working with HART – High Risk Rescue & Confined Space Training

HART Case Study

The need

The Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) are specially recruited and trained EMAS personnel who provide an ambulance response to major incidents. HART work alongside fire and rescue services within the ‘inner cordon’ (or ‘hot zone’) of a major incident. Their job is to triage and treat casualties and to save lives in very difficult circumstances. They are also there to look after other emergency personnel who may become injured whilst attending such incidents. The team have been using the training galleries at our training centre at Mansfield for a number of years, to refresh their competencies and enable ‘real-life’ scenarios to be played out and we are very pleased to provide the training for them.

HART team at MRS' Training Centre in Mansfield

Making it happen

Our training galleries provide realistic environments as close to those that the HART team are likely to experience in real-life situations and major hazards.

Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) Customer Testimonial from MRS Training & Rescue on Vimeo.

Recently all their team members (40+ persons) were put through City & Guilds accredited high risk confined space training and rescue and recovery of casualties from confined space training at Mansfield.

They took part in some rigorous training exercises had to react to two different scenarios:

  1. A casualty required rescue but to reach them the team had to access via scaffolding. So they used our working at height training rigs and were able to practise their safe working at height procedures.
  2. A casualty was in a high risk confined space and required rescue – our confined space training galleries were used.

In all exercises Drager open circuit twin-cylinder breathing apparatus was used which provides longer duration for the rescuers.

HART team doing High Risk Confined Space training in MRS' galleries

The long term benefits

MRS Training & Rescue also provide long duration breathing apparatus training to the HART team and further training support as and when required.

Frankie Graham, 21C HART Confined Space Trainer said: We would like to thank Karl Sheppard for going up and above all our expectations as our Confined Space instructor. His hard work has given a tremendous response and feedback from the HART staff.  The way he delivered the Confined Space the course was interesting, informative, and done with the upmost of professionalism. We would also like to congratulate Karl on his hard work in preparing the presentation and making it more directed towards HART needs and protocols. Employees like him must be a great asset to your organization. We would also like to thank John Wall for all his advice and help with administration, cleaning, repacking equipment. Without such help, it would have not been possible for the courses to run as smooth as they did. A massive thanks to MRS for allowing HART to use your amazing facilities, which have made our training challenging and realistic. And a big thank you to John Mowbray whose hard work has not gone unnoticed. I along with the entire senior management team would like to express our deepest gratitude to each one of you.”

MRS Training & Rescue’s East Midlands Operations Manager, John Mowbray said “We are delighted to be working with the HART Team. They always put their team through very tough training exercises to ensure they are the best they can be and we are very happy to be able to provide not only our expertise in confined space and rescue but also our training galleries for real-life exercises.”

Some of the equipment used during the training exercises


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