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A guide to our bespoke City & Guilds Work at Height Courses

4th March 2024
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Working at height safety training is essential across numerous industries. MRS Training & Rescue is delighted to offer a new suite of unique working at height courses. These original creations stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

MRS Work at Height courses get the City & Guilds seal of approval

Our team of work at height experts has created courses that have undergone the rigorous City & Guilds Assured Product route. This ensures a seal of approval from one of the most esteemed awarding bodies.

All our courses are accredited by City & Guilds, guaranteeing a standard of quality that aligns with industry regulations and the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

At MRS Training & Rescue, we understand that the key to reducing the risks in workplaces lies in comprehensive training. To cater to diverse needs, we offer a range of courses, each designed to impart crucial skills and knowledge.

Participants who complete our courses can receive either a City & Guilds certificate or an MRS certificate, providing flexibility and recognition.

Our City and Guilds Courses are:

1. Working Safely at Height (1 day)

2. Working Safely at Height and Self Evacuation (2 days)

3. Working Safely at Height and Technical Rescue (3 days)

4. Industrial at Height Rescue Technician (2 days)

It isn't just the certification that sets MRS Training and Rescue apart. Our highly experienced team of instructors integrates real-world applications into the training wherever possible. This makes for an immersive and practical learning experience.

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MRS City & Guilds Working at Height training courses: What to expect

Let's delve into the specifics of each of the five City and Guilds Working at Height courses offered by MRS Training & Rescue:

1.     Working Safely at Height (1 day)MRS Training & Rescue Exclusive

  - Overview: This one-day course serves as a fundamental introduction to working at height safely. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of essential safety protocols, risk assessment, and preventive measures.

  - Key Focus Areas: Hazard identification, proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and emergency procedures.

  - Outcome: Successful completion provides participants with a solid foundation in working safely at height. This is the necessary groundwork for more advanced courses.

2.     Working Safely at Height and Self Evacuation (2 days)offered only by MRS Training & Rescue

  - Overview: Building upon the basics, this two-day course combines the essentials of working safely at height with hands-on training in self-evacuation techniques. Participants learn to handle emergency situations effectively.

  - Key Focus Areas: Evacuation strategies, rescue equipment usage, and practical scenarios to enhance self-evacuation skills.

  - Outcome: Graduates of this course master safe working practices at height and acquire the competence to self-evacuate in emergency situations.

3.     Working Safely at Height and Technical Rescue (3 days)offered only by MRS Training & Rescue

  - Overview: This comprehensive three-day course is designed for those who require a deeper understanding of technical rescue methods while working at height. It goes beyond basic safety to incorporate advanced rescue techniques.

  - Key Focus Areas: Technical rescue protocols, use of specialised rescue equipment, and scenario-based training.

  - Outcome: Participants emerge with proficiency in both standard safety practices and technical rescue, equipped to handle complex work at height scenarios.

4.     Industrial at Height Rescue Technician (2 days)offered only by MRS Training & Rescue

  - Overview: This qualification serves as an additional credential for individuals who have successfully completed the 3-day Working Safely at Height and Technical Rescue course. It delves into advanced techniques. These include stretcher transfers at height, extending the scope of rescue methods through the application of mechanised solutions.

  - Key Focus Areas: Industrial hazard awareness, rescue planning, and hands-on industrial rescue simulations.

  - Outcome: Delegates become certified Industrial at Height Rescue Technicians, ready to evacuate a casualty from a range of rescue scenarios.

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Work safer with MRS Training & Rescue

In a rapidly evolving work environment, staying ahead in safety is not just a requirement but a responsibility. MRS Training & Rescue is your partner in elevating safety standards, ensuring that every delegate gains the skills and knowledge to navigate the challenges of working at height safely.

Choose MRS Training & Rescue for a complete approach to work at height training – where excellence meets experience, and safety is non-negotiable. Your safety, our priority.

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