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Keeping People Safe for Over 100 Years

MRS Training & Rescue have provided a mines rescue service since 1902

MRS Training & Rescue's history is firmly rooted in the mining industry, where, since the early 1900's we supplied a mines rescue service. Working in complex and high-risk environments, we developed the specialist skills, experience, and knowledge we rely on today to deliver rescue services and safety training to modern industry.

Pre-1996, MRS Training & Rescue was part of the National Coal Board, with its obligations dictated by legislation. However, in 1996, when mines became privatised, and MRS received reduced public funding, the company was forced to diversify to support itself while still providing a Mines Rescue Service.  All public funding ceased in 2015 and we became entirely reliant on our own commercial income. Many thought we would not survive. No mines, no one to rescue. 

However, we were able to expand and diversify to meet the needs of today’s health and safety market and secured long term success by leveraging our expertise, branching out from underground mining into providing unique rescue services, specialist equipment (some of which has been designed using practical expertise gathered on the job), consultancy and a comprehensive range of accredited health and safety related products, training and services to a wide range of industries, including nuclear, aerospace, manufacturing and utilities.

MRS Training & Rescue Today

Today, rebranded as MRS Training & Rescue, we are a leading authority in confined space and at height technical rescue. Our trainers and training receive great feedback, with candidate scores typically at 9's and 10's – we are always happy to share that feedback with their employers.

Our structure has retained all the governance and expertise required to operate a national mines rescue scheme, which up until 2015, was approved by the Secretary of State. This structure works for us today and helps us operate and maintain a technical rescue service that covers a range of industrial sectors.

Employing over 160 people across seven specialist sites, we also provide health and safety training and rescue cover for high risk situations world-wide.

We are still the largest private sector rescue company in the UK; and are recognised within the Mines Regulations 2014 as a specialist rescue services provider.  No other rescue company, in the public or private sector can complete with the knowledge and experience that we have.

Celebrating Our Heritage 

To celebrate our heritage we have created a new video where we look back at our history, the dangers miners faced, why there was a need for rescue services and how the changing industrial landscape led to the diversification of MRS Training & Rescue.

And we have also plotted key milestones on a new timeline too.

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