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5th January 2018
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Three prestigious visitors from one of the biggest rescue services in the world (EMERCOM, derived from ‘Emergency Control Ministry’, in Russia) visited the UK MRS Training & Rescue operation to understand how they manage risk, share developments in their mining safety management systems and mining competence management system.

Yana Kuznetsova (Senior Specialist-Expert), Sergei Petrov (Head of the National Mines Rescue Centre) and Alexander Aksenenko (Head of Kopeysk Mines Rescue Station) enjoyed a 5 day tour of the various UK sites. As well as meetings with experts from the UK team to share best practice and competence, the tour included many live-action highlights such as self-rescuer training, a trip to Boulby mine to view a rescue operation and production, a trip to the Fauld mine and an underground trip to see standards in action – where a tour of the hot and humid chamber took place. The team also visited the deep mines’ Laboratory, ESG Ltd, in Bretby and visited Davis Derby to view equipment and developments.

an underground trip to see standards in action – where a tour of the hot and humid chamber took place

The objectives of the trip were heartily achieved: to understand the structure of how MRS is funded/earns money and how MRS cost effectively provides a service to clients, to understand “standards” and how the competence of MRS and clients’ employees is measured, as well as exploring the layered approach to risk assessment and how this can be applied to “Mines Rescue.”

This trip represented a coming together of two organisations, thousands of miles apart but with the same objective: to save lives in emergency situations. Both organisations have specialised in underground and deep mine rescue and safety. EMERCOM employ over 4,000 staff, among them 1821 are certified rescue workers. It plays a critical role in Russia, and the team were really interested in learning from the standards and best practice established by the UK’s MRS Training & Rescue, which they identified as a very successful operation. Increasingly, MRS have enjoyed a global presence, which reflects the many decades of expertise and experience held within the company.

MRS also carried out induction training prior to taking the delegates into the mines. The picture is them getting their  self-rescuer  certificates from Stuart Hoult, CEO.

self-rescuer  certificates being awarded by Stuart Hoult CEO    self-rescuer  certificates being awarded by Stuart Hoult CEO     self-rescuer  certificates being awarded by Stuart Hoult CEO

MRS Training & Rescue sees this trip as a great success and further cements their relationship with EMERCOM. We’re proud to provide training to teams across the world – it’s something our team love to do and provides us with experience and knowledge we can apply to our training and rescue services here in the UK.

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