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17th August 2023
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In the world of industrial work, safety is paramount. To ensure professionals can be trained onsite to learn the skills they require to navigate hazardous industrial environments, MRS Training & Rescue offers a unique solution, mobile training rigs.

Our innovative mobile training vehicles allow us to bring our experienced trainers and equipment directly to your doorstep.

Bespoke Mobile Training Rigs

Our mobile training rigs have been designed with training accessibility in mind. They have been built to our specifications – and as they are towable, allow us to provide our specialist and bespoke training courses onsite across the UK.

With onsite training courses, your team can receive instruction and hands-on experience within the familiar surroundings of your facility. This not only saves time and resources but also ensures that the training is directly relevant to your work environment.

All necessary safety features and equipment arrive on-site with our training rigs, and with our expert trainers, are used to guide you and your team through a training course tailored to your industry.

Our mobile training rigs feature:

  • 30m of internal crawl space
  • 3.1 vertical entry – including a roof mounted training platform with tripod and winch system
  • Non-slip safety deck – so training can take place in wet and damp conditions
  • Internal and external screens – for monitoring of training sessions
  • Smoke machines – to recreate scenarios
  • Inbuilt lighting
  • Anchors on roof – for work at height restraint training
  • 5m ladder for lanyard training
  • Camera system – with 8 night vision cameras within tunnels

Delegates using ladder for accessing roof for work at height training on mobile rig

What training courses can be delivered via a mobile training rig?

MRS Training & Rescue’s mobile training rigs have been designed and built to be as versatile as possible. From the rigs we can deliver a range of confined space and working at height training courses – and bespoke courses, specifically tailored to your business and sector.

They can be prepared to suit highly specific situations across a myriad of industries and offer a hands-on training experience like no other.

Whether you require working at height, or confined spaces training, or all of the above, our mobile training rigs provide a realistic environment for participants to learn and practice safety protocols.

Crawl ways for confined space training in a mobile rig

Training Rig Capacity

The facilities of our mobile training rigs are not only versatile but also accommodating. Rigs can be set up to accommodate multiple people at once, making our courses ideal for team training.

Scaling to suit the workforce and training required, the rigs encourage a collaborative approach to industrial safety wherever appropriate, allowing for training that equips a team with the know-how to safely work with each other.

Does MRS Training & Rescue Offer Bespoke Training?

Safety challenges can vary widely across industries. MRS Training & Rescue recognises this diversity and can deliver bespoke training courses.

Bespoke courses are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that the training directly addresses the risks your team encounters and very often, the equipment they use and are familiar with. By collaborating with experienced instructors, you can develop a training programme that empowers your team to navigate challenges confidently and competently.

Working in unison with experienced instructors, you can develop a training programme that empowers your team to navigate challenges confidently and competently.

Contact us to learn more about our bespoke training courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Confined Space training be delivered on site?

Absolutely – MRS Training & Rescue’s mobile training rigs are designed to replicate confined spaces, allowing trainees to experience these unique scenarios within their standard operating environment.

How Many People Can Train at Once?

The rigs are spacious enough to accommodate a group of trainees in order to foster team learning experiences that raise workplace health and safety standards and team spirit in tandem.

By investing in comprehensive mobile training from MRS Training and Rescue, you’re not only elevating safety – you’re facilitating a more productive and secure future for your team and organization.





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