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MRS Training & Rescue Implements COVID-19 Staff Testing

Person sat at a desk completing a COVID-19 lateral flow test

MRS Training & Rescue has signed up to the government’s COVID-19 workplace rapid testing programme, joining over 3,500 other companies which have so far signed up to the initiative since the programme was opened to businesses employing 50 staff or more.

Paul Wilson, SHEQ Director at MRS said: “As part of our coronavirus pandemic management, we have introduced lateral flow testing of all employees each week, as close to the start of the week as possible, so we all work together to protect one another, our customers, and our wider family. This is another part of the comprehensive coronavirus management policies we have implemented across our entire company and a reminder that we continue to operate safely.”

Regular testing is vital to the government’s roadmap to cautiously ease restrictions as around 1 in 3 people with coronavirus do not have any symptoms, meaning they could be spreading the virus in workplaces without knowing it.

Rapid testing detects cases in less than 30 minutes, meaning anyone positive can isolate immediately and break the chain of transmission, so stopping outbreaks before they occur.

For more details of the coronavirus safety measures we have taken, visit our COVID-19 Safety Hub.  

An MRS Training & Rescue team member completing Lateral flow testing

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