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The Significance of Mining History

26th October 2023
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Mining has played a pivotal role in shaping the industrial landscape of many regions around the world. It's a tale of human determination, hard work, and innovation. But it's also a story of adversity, calamity, and countless rescue efforts.

Preserving this history is essential not only to honour the sacrifices and contributions of the mining community but also to learn from our past as we work towards a safer and more sustainable future.
Thankfully, a generous donation from one of our own has provided MRS Training and Rescue an opportunity to play an important role in this safeguarding effort.

The Chairman's Personal Collection

Retired Chairman, Dr Barrie Jones’ personal collection is a goldmine of historical documents, photographs, and artifacts that capture the essence of mining life and the evolution of mines rescue efforts. Some of the highlights include:

  • Mining Reports: Detailed reports from the 1930s onwards, shedding light on the working conditions, safety measures, and technological advancements in the mining industry.
  • Photographs: A visual journey through time, showcasing the miners' dedication and the evolution of mining equipment and techniques.
  • Rescue Team Records: Records documenting the heroic efforts of mines rescue teams, their training, and the life-saving missions they undertook.
  • Newspaper clippings: News coverage documenting many of the mining disasters that occurred from the 1930s onwards.

Documents detailing mining disasters from the recent past

Restoration and Conservation

Preserving these invaluable records was a labour of love, and we owe a debt of gratitude to #SycamoreBookBinding for their outstanding work. Their expertise in restoration ensured that fragile documents were carefully repaired, bound, and protected. The restoration process not only brought these records back to life but also made them more accessible for research and education.

Documents regarding mining shafts and winders

The Impact on Future Generations

Dr Jone's personal collection is not just a tribute to the past but a gift to the future. By conserving these records, we are ensuring that the knowledge and lessons from our mining history will be accessible to future generations — This collection can also serve as a valuable resource for researchers, historians, and anyone interested in understanding the mining industry's legacy.

Dr Barrie Jone's collection

In summary

Mining history is a testament to the resilience and determination of the mining community, and it must be preserved. The acquisition and restoration of records from our Chairman's personal collection exemplify our commitment to this cause.

Thanks to the dedication of #SycamoreBookBinding, these historical gems are now in safe hands, ready to inspire, educate, and honour the mining heritage for years to come.

Mines Rescue Station ledger from 1952

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