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2nd August 2022
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The equipment we use

During our day-to-day operations providing emergency rescue cover for a wide range of industries, we constantly evaluate the equipment we use and come across in use by our customers. As part of this evaluation, we meet with manufacturers, test equipment and have been influential in improving equipment design for industrial applications ensuring it is fit for purpose.

Our years of experience in confined spaces and working at height rescue and training has enabled us to adopt strict requirements for the equipment that we use and recommend.

We are only prepared to recommend equipment for sale which, through extensive testing and ‘on the job’ use, has proven to be fit for purpose. Having equipment that can withstand the demands placed on it when it matters most is vital.

Our website shows what we use and have available for sale from any of our training centres.

These cover:

When your life depends on the equipment you use, it is good to know you are safe in our hands.

Equipment advice and consultancy

We assist many companies in identifying and then categorising confined space and work at height situations that they are responsible for. Knowing this is fundamental to managing the hazards and risks that are associated with working in these areas. We can also help to develop a plan to identify and prioritise where resources are required, including training, manpower and emergency arrangements.

This audit also includes a review of current equipment in use, and we will provide recommendations of additional / alternative equipment required to support entry and rescue operations. We also demonstrate the use of all the equipment, so delegates know how to keep themselves safe at work. An example of this can be seen in our case study here where we also provided training on the use of all equipment and developed a rescue plan with appropriate equipment suitable for that activity.

Equipment at work legislation

There are several pieces of legislation relating to the use of equipment in the workplace and two examples are:

  1. The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations Regulation 4(1)

Requires employers to ensure that suitable PPE (including breathing apparatus) is provided.

  1. The Confined Spaces Regulations (CSR) ACOP 99 of the Confined Spaces Regulations

Stipulates: - Where RPE is provided or used in connection with confined space entry or for emergency or rescue, it should be suitable for the purpose for which it is intended, i.e., correctly selected and matched both to the job and wearer. RPE will not normally be suitable unless it is breathing apparatus. For most cases breathing apparatus would provide the standard protection for entry into confined spaces. Any RPE should comply with the Personal Protective Equipment (EC Directive) Regulations 1992 (displaying a “CE mark”), or where these provisions are not appropriate, be of a standard or to a type approved by HSE.

Other regulations contain provisions as regards its suitability, compatibility with other PPE, assessment of PPE, maintenance and replacement of PPE, storage for PPE, information, instruction and training regarding the PPE and the use of PPE.

Using equipment and tools safely

When at work, it is essential people are trained, competent, equipped and protected, in the event of an emergency. When attending any training with us, our instructors will teach candidates how to inspect and use all equipment relevant to that course.

A quick checklist of actions to perform prior to using equipment is shown below:

Check to see if any instructions are available for using equipment or your employer has up to date information on equipment. And then perform the following checklist before using equipment:

  • Check equipment, tools and PPE (ensuring they are fit for purpose)
  • Follow manufacturers and employer’s instructions when using equipment (how to use safely)
  • Recover and remove equipment and tools when permitted
  • Follow manufacturers and employer’s instructions for after use checks, cleaning, disinfecting, decontaminating, and storing

We also regularly provide industrial rescue cover to our customers and as part of this service, can offer pre-use equipment inspections and tests which we conduct prior to confined space / at height work commencing. And any additional equipment required by the client can be purchased if needed. All part of the professional service we provide here at MRS Training and Rescue.

Equipment maintenance

We can maintain any equipment purchased to the recommended manufacturers’ standards. A maintenance contract covering confined space, work at height and first aid equipment is available.

We can assist with the maintenance of equipment purchased and are also happy to advise on maintenance schedules and equipment checks.

Confined space and work at height equipment summary

The below chart provides guidance on typical requirements under a range of circumstances. We will be pleased to discuss your individual company requirements and if necessary, visit you to advise on the right equipment for your application.
We also can provide full training for all the equipment we sell.

EquipmentLow Risk Confined SpaceMedium Risk Confined Space (Vertical Entry)Medium Risk Confined SpaceHigh Risk Confined Space (Vertical Entry)High Risk Confined SpaceWorking at Height (Non Suspend-ed)Working at Height (Suspend-ed)
Environmental Monitor ● ● ● ● ●  
Escape Breathing Apparatus  ● ● ● ●  
Open Circuit Self Contained Breathing Apparatus    ● ●  
Air Line Breathing Apparatus    ● ●  
Tripod  ●  ●   ●
Winch System  ●  ●   ●
Fall Arrest Devices  ●  ●   ●
Fall Restraint Devices  ●  ●   ●
Rescue Harnessoptional ● ● ● ●  
Fall Arrest Harness optionaloptionaloptionaloptional ● 
Rope Access Harness     optional ●
Specialist Rescue Equipment ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
Other Equipment e.g. radio, helmet, headlamp ● ● ● ● ● ● ●
Auto Descender      ● ●
Self-Retracting Lifeline  ● ● ● ●  

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