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Maritime Safety & Rescue Services – Learning from Mining

6th March 2023
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MRS Training & Rescue is focussed on improving the knowledge and competence, and therefore the safety, of those operating within the marine environment.

For over 120 years, we have developed specialist skills and experience gained from working in difficult and potentially dangerous environments, to affect the rescue and escape of mine workers from underground. The skills and experience gained from working in the mines rescue sector can easily be adapted to the maritime industry, as both industries deal with similar challenges and hazards.

Mining & Maritime Safety – the Similarities

Just like mining, safety is of the utmost importance in the maritime industry. There are many parallels that can be drawn around the major and fatal hazards that affect both marine and mining – and in fact across an entire range of sectors.

Inrush of Water

In an underground environment there is nowhere to escape to, and there have been numerous well documented cases, the most recent being Gleison in 2011 where loss of life has been significant. This is equally true on board a vessel, where there can be little time to react to save the people or the vessel.


An unplanned fire is no one’s friend, fire is always a catastrophic event, but in the enclosed environments underground or those on-board ships, the effects can be amplified many times and the implications of not having systems in place to avoid the fire in the first instance or failing to have the right equipment and the right training in place to effectively deal with it should it occur have potentially huge consequences for the people and the asset.


The enclosed nature of a mine or a maritime vessel, again means that the affect is amplified, and the consequences can be disastrous. In coal mining the fatal combination was usually one of a methane gas explosion, which propagated a much more destructive coal dust explosion. Some of the cargos carried have the same potential, however it occurs the effect on people and the assets is always dramatic.

Mechanical or Structural Failure

However the incident occurs, the effects are usually dramatic and usually without significant warning. The failures are sometimes due to genuine failure, but more often the causes have it root in misuse, either because of a failure to understand the consequences or their actions, or as a failure to define good standards and enforce good behaviour, turning a blind eye and allowing short cuts to be taken.

Maritime Safety History

The Mines Rescue Service in 2009 established a new part to the business, Mines Rescue Marine with the objective of offering our enclosed space expertise to the Maritime Industry.

To support the sector, and establish ourselves as the leading authority on enclosed spaces, Mines Rescue Marine produced as series of interactive DVDs for use on board ship, it presented and wrote papers for many conferences and magazines, as well as undertook many ship board and port side visits were where potential problem areas were identified, solutions proposed and rescue drills carried out.

In the time since then, various marine and oil and gas companies have made use of that expertise not only in the UK and Gibraltar but in Europe (Netherlands, France & Spain), USA and in West Africa (Angola, Cote D’ Ivore and Ghana.) Today we have amalgamated all the various elements of the business, under the MRS Training and Rescue name.

We have one single purpose against which all judge all the work we do across all sectors, and that is “will it help save lives.” We have developed a single long-term objective and that is to “influence and improve the safety performance of the sectors we operate in”.

We continue to work to ensure we can do all this by having the right equipment, the right skills, with those skills being tested in the operational and training environment, ultimately ensuring that no matter what the engagement is, your people are going to be “safe in our hands”.


Maritime Emergency Rescue Services

Emergencies can arise at any moment and quick, effective response is crucial to minimizing damage and ensuring the safety of all personnel on board. With our extensive training and experience, MRS Training and Rescue is well-equipped to provide maritime organisations with the support and expertise they need in emergency situations and can provide on-site maritime rescue services.

MRS Training and Rescue, with years of experience in the mines rescue sector, understands the importance of having a highly trained and equipped rescue team in hazardous working environments. As the maritime industry continues to grow, it is crucial for companies operating in this sector to have access to reliable and experienced rescue services to ensure the safety of their employees and the smooth operation of their ships.

In the event of an emergency, every moment counts, and having a highly trained rescue team on hand can make all the difference. Our team can be deployed to ships at sea, providing immediate response in the event of an emergency. This not only ensures the safety of workers, but it can also minimize downtime and the financial impact of any incidents.

MRS Training and Rescue is also equipped to provide on-site support and consultation services. Our team of experts can assist in the development and implementation of comprehensive safety plans and provide guidance on best practices in emergency response and management.

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Maritime Safety Courses

We provide a range of customisable maritime courses and services that ensure maritime workers have the knowledge and skills needed to work safely at sea.

The courses we provide include:

STCW Basic Safety Training Course

STCW (Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping) is a set of international maritime standards that set the minimum levels of competence required for those working in the maritime industry. The STCW course we provide is designed to ensure that seafarers have the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out their duties safely and effectively, both in normal and emergency situations.

MNTB Enclosed Space Training

The MNTB Safe Entry into Enclosed Space course is designed to provide workers in the maritime industry with the skills and knowledge needed to work safely in enclosed spaces on ships and other vessels. The program has been developed by the Maritime National Training Board (MNTB), which is a sector skills council for the UK maritime industry.

Super Yachts Crew Training Courses 

MRS Training & Rescue's extensive experience in working at height and our commitment to safety make us well-suited to serve the needs of the super yacht industry. The unique challenges and dangers associated with working on these large vessels require a specialised skillset and a deep understanding of the best practices for working at height.

We are a member of the Super Yacht Training Group and one of the key benefits of our experience is our ability to provide training and guidance on safe working practices for those working on super yachts. Our team of experts has a thorough understanding of the hazards and risks associated with working at height and can provide tailored training programs to ensure that all personnel are properly equipped to handle these challenges.

In addition to training, MRS Training & Rescue can also provide on-site support and consultation services. Our team of experts can assist in the development and implementation of comprehensive safety plans, including fall protection systems, access equipment, and rescue procedures. This helps to ensure that those working on super yachts have the necessary tools and resources to carry out their work safely and effectively.

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Ultimately, our experience as a mines rescue service sets us apart in the maritime industry. With our extensive knowledge and training, our commitment to safety, combined with our expertise in training and rescue operations, MRS Training and Rescue is well-positioned to provide organisations with the support and expertise they need to ensure the safety and security of their personnel and vessels.

Contact us to learn more about the maritime rescue and training services we can provide to your organisation.

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