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6th September 2023
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In today’s dynamic and diverse work environments professionals across a wide range of sectors find themselves faced with tasks that involve and require working at height. Whether you’re in construction, are a telecommunications technician or a wind turbine technician – the ability to perform safely at height is paramount.

As leaders in specialist industrial training – MRS Training & Rescue recognises the practical nature of these types of roles and offer a comprehensive suite of working at height training facilities that allow for practical training that can simulate real life environments and situations.

In this article – we highlight the importance of practical training, and how our extensive and state-of-the-art training facilities allow us to meet the needs of today’s professionals.

Why Is Practical Training Important for Working at Height?

Theory is undoubtedly valuable – but when it comes to potentially life threatening working at height work, practical training is essential.

Practical working at height training provides learners with the opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice, simulating the challenges faced in actual working conditions.

Hands-on experience is the key to fostering confidence and competence, which is why our training facilities are designed to immerse trainees in realistic scenarios, replicating the various environments they might encounter in their professional lives.

Our practical working at height training equips participants with the skills they require to mitigate risks, adhere to safety protocols, and perform tasks efficiently, all while ensuring their own well-being.


Working at Height Training Facilities

At MRS Training & Rescue, we’re proud of our specialised training rigs and equipment. Our facilities allow us to provide practical training that can be tailored to different industries and real-life scenarios.

Our facilities are a testament to our commitment to providing first class training experiences that align with the needs of today’s professionals.

Our working at height training facilities include:

  1. Scaffold Systems

Scaffold Systems form the backbone of many industries that require working at height tasks to be completed. Our scaffold systems are available at all our training centres – and provide trainees with a rig they can use to practice techniques related to climbing and navigation scaffolding safely. Using the scaffold rigs trainees can master the art of working on platforms and working at height while adhering to industry best practice and regulations.

3 people on MRS Training & Rescue's scaffold training rig

  1. Rope Access Training

Our rope access training courses simulate scenarios trainees are likely to face when working. Using our facilities trainees are able to participate in navigating complex rope networks and practice the practical skills professionals require when using ropes to work safely at height.

Delegates training using rope access techniques on a height training rig

  1. Rooftop Training

Rooftop working environments present unique challenges. From varying angles to different roof types, without the right training they can be some of the most dangerous environments to work on.

Our rooftop training rigs mirror different roof types – such as flat, pitched or fragile – allow participants to practice tasks whilst focusing on height safety.

2 people training on a pitched roof training rig



Practical Rescue from Height Training

It's not enough to rely solely on safety measures for working at height; in our training, we emphasise the importance of having a plan in place to conduct safe and effective rescues in case of emergencies.

Depending solely on emergency services might not always be feasible due to various factors like response times, accessibility, and the specific challenges of the working environment.

Under the Work at Height Regulations, it's a legal requirement for employers and duty holders to ensure that appropriate rescue measures are in place, and our Rescue from Height Training equips professionals with the skills needed to handle rescue situations.

Through realistic scenarios and hands-on experience, participants learn how to assess the situation, utilise specialised equipment, and execute rescue procedures while maintaining the safety of all involved.


Facilities Tailored to Your Industry Specific Needs

Our training rigs can be tailored to accommodate the specific needs of different industries and sectors. Whether you're in telecommunications, oil and gas, construction, or any other field that requires working at height, our training experts can customise scenarios that mimic your real-world challenges.

This approach ensures that our training goes beyond theory and equips individuals with the confidence and competence to navigate at height challenges directly applicable to their roles safely and effectively.

We have training centres across the UK – so we are never too far from you and your team. We can also provide onsite training courses via our mobile training units.

Mobile training rig for work at height training at your premises


Our Specialist Practical Courses for Working at Height

Although MRS Training and Rescue can provide bespoke practical training for working at height, we also offer the following specialist courses for professionals across a wide range of industries:

Working at Height Consultancy and Site Visits

We understand that each industry and workplace has its unique challenges, so we’ve expanded our services to include working at height consultancy and site visits.

Whether you're grappling with intricate scaffold systems, navigating complex rope networks, or confronting the challenges of rooftop environments, our consultancy services ensure that you receive guidance on best practices, appropriate equipment, and bespoke training plans.

By merging practical training with rescue preparedness and consultancy services, we can offer a complete solution that empowers you to create a safer working environment, reduce risks, and enhance overall efficiency.

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to tackle any challenge when working at height, ensuring that you return home safely after each task.

Specialist consultancy service for all work at height tasks

Work with MRS Training & Rescue

If you would like to discuss your working at height training needs – or learn more about our facilities or consultancy services, contact us.

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